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Razor recommendation for a newbie

Hello guys, complete newbie here. I'm not necessarily new to wet-shaving, just new to "quality" wetshaving. I've used an electric off and on for years and have always hated it. I've used a Mach 3 ever since they came out (I know- sacrilege!) and thought that was the best that was available. It took the Fusion coming out before I realize there may be a considerable degree of gimmick in all of these new razors and as a result I found this site. That being said, today I went and bought a tube of Proraso and a Proraso brush. I'll use them in the morning in conjunction with the Mach 3 until I get a new razor. Which brings me to my question, which razor for a newbie? I was thinking of getting an Injector to try them out but I would also like to try a DE and see if it would be a good fit for me. Would it be better to buy a new Merkur or hit eBay for a Superspeed or the like? Also another question, are the Edward Jagger razors just Merkurs with fancy handles? I like the fancier handles on the EJ but if I would get a better razor by going with the Merkur I would forego the decoration (and save some money at the same time). Thanks in advance for the help!
Welcom to the forum. You're already off to a good start with the Proraso cream. Most guys here will suggest a Merkur HD as a good razor to begin with. They're cheap, widely available, and give a great shave. For blades, you can try Merkur and Derby. You probably want to stay away from the Feather blades untill you get your technique down. If you don't already own a brush then it would be smart to pick one up. Crabtree & Evelyn Best Badger Brush ($35 at C&E retail store and online) or the Savile Row SR-208 ($59 from qedusa.com) are both great brushes to start out with.

Lee will match or beat any price on Merkur razors and give you free shipping.


If you're interested in new Schick Injector razors then check out the link below.


You can get info about requesting samples from various manufacturers at the link below.

Welcome to B&B. As roughrider stated, the Proraso is a good start (especially for the kind of warm weather you have in Augusta).

As far as razors go, the Merkur Classic, 1904, HD, or long handle models would all be good choices. Additionally if you desire a vintage razor, many gents enjoy Gillette Superspeed, Adjustable, Fat Boy and Aristocrat razors (I'm sure I've left a couple off of the list). It really comes down to a matter of preference. While all of these razors are built to last a lifetime, most gents rarely stop with the purchase of one razor so don't worry too much about making the absolute perfect purchase right out of the gates.

Lastly, I do believe that EJ uses Merkur heads in their razors. They are, indeed, beautiful razors, and I frequently find myself lusting for one.

Keep us updated on what you decide.
I would agree entirely with the 2 posts above. . .

The Merkur HD is a great shaver, and its always nice to start with something new to make sure its your technique that you are focused on, and not whether or not the vintage razor is at fault. (Though I DO covet those gorgeous Edwin Jagger razors. . .)

The C&E brush is also a workhorse that will last for years.

Above all, have fun!

BTW--if you can get me onto Augusta National, I'll buy you the Merkur HD!:biggrin: :biggrin: :biggrin:
Well, I shaved this morning using the Proraso cream and brush and my Mach 3 (just until I get a new razor). I can't believe how big of a difference just those two items alone made! Even my wife who thought this was just another of my ventures into classic "activities" (I started pipe smoking about a year ago) noticed the difference and couldn't believe it. Up next - C&E brush and whatever razor I decide on then further down the slippery slope into the world of creams, A/S, etc. Now my wife is going to have to contend with SCAD, RAD and BAD on top of my PAD (Pipe Acquistion Disorder)! Oh well, that's the price of living the good life!

BTW mrob, trust me if I could get you on at the National I would. As it is right now I have to continue hoping that I receive tickets every year just so I get to walk that hallowed ground.

As a rookie. Might I suggest the Merkur HD. This is what I have chosen to start with and I am very pleased after some intial beginner's errors.

I chose the HD because it was highly recommended by a lot of forum members
and have no regrets at all about buying it. The one thing a would suggest is
to try a few different blades it's amazing how much difference some blades can make. Sounds like your headed in the right direction and it wont be to
long before your shaves are as slick as those Augusta National greens.:smile:
I started with the HD Classic. It's a great razor, and I would highly recommend it. But I would also suggest the Progress. Almost a twin to the HD, it allows you to have an adjustable razor. If you can resist the temptation to play around with opening up the blade exposure, it would be a better buy. However, if you give in to temptation easily (and really, who here doesn't?), stick with the HD.

The beauty of both of these razors is their heft. They will allow you to shave without applying pressure, which if most important.

I have to agree with Randy here. Go for the progress. Adjustable razors allow more room for growth. They're a bit more expensive, but well worth it in the long run.
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