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Questions regarding Gillette NEW.

I was thinking of picking up a replated Gillette New. Wasn't sure how aggressive they were and what people preferred as far as long comb and short comb. I find my Muhle R41 to be too aggressive for me. I generally shave with an Ikon open comb, Merkur 37C slant and my Gillette Red Tip. I'd say I have a moderate beard. Thanks for your help!!
It's way less aggressive than a R-41. I love both my Gillette New razors. You should pick that one up if you don't like it you can sell it in a snap on the BST.
A NEW model is less aggressive than the R41 for sure. I think you will find similarities between the ikon & red tip. While I see varying opinions on this, I find the short comb to be slightly more aggressive than the long comb, but still much more mild than an R41 and one of my go-to razors.
I'm intrigued and will probably pull the trigger. Just have to decide on long or short comb.
I only have one of each and it seems like there may be some variation in these razors but my long-comb feels similar in aggression to my Muhle R89 or a SuperSpeed. My short-comb feels a little more aggressive. Maybe about like an adjustable on 6 or 7.
User grade NEWs can be found for very reasonable prices. I would suggest picking one up and trying it out. If you like it, Krona can replate it for you at a pretty fair price. As has been said, the LC and SC are much milder than an R41. I find the SC to be more forgiving and the LC more efficient.
SC seems milder and smoother to me, the LC seems to have a bit more bite. I'd call either one of them mild to moderate in aggressiveness.
Isn't the iKon OC geometrically a copy of Gillette NEW Deluxe? As you already have iKon OC, you basically already know how they would shave. Most on this forum seems to consider SC slightly milder than LC.

PS: if you become a "NEWdist" and not wanting the iKon anymore there will be plenty of people including me wanting a used iKon OC.
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