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Questions about the Vikings Blade Emporer Meiji razor

Just saw this thing again and watched a video about it. Looks like a Fatboy with some Delta Echo style coating.
Just wondering a few things about it. Anybody know what the gap range is? What the blade exposure is? Whether the blade exposure changes when you adjust it, or just the gap?
Anybody have one or tried one? If so, what did you think of it? If you have been using it a while, does the coating hold up? Any problems with the butterfly mechanism?

Thanks in advance for any information about/experience with this razor.
The finish is very nice, no issues with my Meiji there. Although nice, the finish is not a Gunkote or Cerakote rather it is applied in a way like plating. No metal, but is plated in some fashion. Not sure of the process but it is much harder than the softer finish the Augustus had prior. My VB Emperor Augustus, my first VB had small marks develop on the corners of the baseplate after I would position it upside down with the silo doors open, allowing water to drain out of the razor. This was where the corners of the silo doors pressed into the finish. The marks never expanded over time but I’m glad they changed their coatings regardless. They sent me the Meiji free of charge to try out at first release as an exchange. I believe all the razors have had that new type of finish for some time now.

I never measured gaps but it feels very close in shave to my Slims but the gaps on the highest settings feel more aggressive than my Gillette adjustables.

Provides a very smooth shave. I’d would equate the experience to shaving with a heavy Slim but is closer for some reason to a Variant. I like the weight but some may not. It is a very solid build and I love both of mine. I prefer the Meiji because the handle is more akin to my tastes compared to the longer handle Augustus.

A few years back, I ended up communicating with the owners when I emailed about my finish issue with the Emperor Augustus. I was surprised they were that involved. They showed genuine concern and were already aware of and fixing the issue. I learned a lot about their operations and learned things such as the average mold costing about 45k. VB designs the razor and has them manufactured in China.

They sell on Amazon so there is no risk with any issues or a return if you intend on getting one. If you don’t mind the weight, it is a very nice razor and I prefer the build of the VB to my Parker Variant which is in the same price range.
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