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Questions about blades

Okay, these are kind of unrelated, but being new to the wet shaving world, and now becoming somewhat of a quiet evangelist, I want to ask a couple of questions:

1) What do the the numbers 1,2,3,4 on the opposing corners of the Derby blades supposed to mean?

2) How do you count the times you've used a blade, and do you use different sides of the DE razor during the same shave?

3) Is there anyplace that sells bulk baldes (100+) other than howard1616 on e-Bay? I mean really, just a mail order house that will sell a hundred lot of Merkur or Derby blades?

Anyway, that's all. And, by the way, another thanks to Ouch for helping me sample some new blades. I still haven't used the feathers, but I do like the Derby's a lot, and the Merkur's that I already had are also really comfortable. The Feathers just scare me, but I'll get to them. Surprisingly, the Wilkinson blades were not bad, and in a pinch I would use them. They're just not in the same league as the Merkurs though, just my $0.02 worth (Canadian funds).


Hey Pierre;

1) No idea but don't worry about it. It doesn't matter which way up/down/back to front or how you load your blade into your razor, it'll still shave the same.
2) I shave Monday-Friday, days off Sat/Sun unless something special gonig on so I toss my blade after 5 shaves. At the price the blades are you can't really complain even if you only get 3 good shaves out of 'em.
3) I'm not sure of that one, there'll be plenty of others chiming in though so you'll get an answer from someone.

Oh, for what it's worth I had my first shave using a Feather blade this morning in my Merkur Futur. I was a little nervous due to the reputation of these blades being fearsomely sharp.

Well, they are sharp but I had one of the closest shaves I've had to date since getting into DE shaving just over a month ago. Just treat 'em the way you would any sharp object...with respect! It's all about technique.:biggrin:



Pierre -

You can buy 100 Derby blades at http://www.encure.com/hb.htm

They also sell 100 Israeli blades, which IMO are rather similar to the Derby blades, and worth trying.

Hope this helps.



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The tradition amongst experienced wet shavers is to stamp the blade after each use. If your blades have a 1,2,3&4 on it, it means it was used four times and was probably sent to you by some smart-alecky Yank.:biggrin: I have found myself in some rather unpleasant arguments as to whether a knife may have sides of different sharpness. There does exist a single edged Japanese straight razor, for what it's worth.

I used to try to keep track of which side of the blade I was using, but eventually decided that that was a lost cause. Statistically, if you use it any which way you'll probably break even, so I wouldn't obsess over it.

As for the Feathers, nothing to fear! If your'e worried at all, just use them for the first N-S pass, and then take it from there.:tongue_sm
To keep wear somewhat uniform, I just rotate it every time I rinse. I'm not compulsive about it, but it tends to keep things even.
letterk said:
To keep wear somewhat uniform, I just rotate it every time I rinse. I'm not compulsive about it, but it tends to keep things even.

I tend to do the same thing.
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