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Quality, affordable brushes, shipped to Malaysia?

I have a couple of brushes from Ebay that I really like, in terms of design and the real badger hair. What I really don't like is the nuclear-disaster-level shedding of hair!

The hair is glued in too well to remove, but not well enough to quit shedding like some kind of pet.

So rather than simply naming brand names, could any of you kind gents point me at a website that sells a wide variety of quality badger-hair brushes that don't shed and which do ship to Malaysia? Preferable one you've used and trust yourself?

Google is a thing but I'm figuring your guys are... thinger? More knowledgeable and experienced, yes?

Maseto brushes (classicshop2012 on Ebay) do really nice brushes - I had one that shed and was replaced straight away by the seller - no questions asked - the second one hasn't had any issues in the past couple years.

Of course you could also use a mail forwarder like shipito...

Good luck :thumbup:
Hi, I am from Malaysia. Johor Bahru to be exact. I have had 10 brushes so far from Aliexpress. 4 quality badgers and 6 synthetics. The badger brushes don't shed much at all. They are of good quality. The design is quite good too. The 2 main vendors in Aliexpress with reasonably price badger brush are Yagi and DS Cosmestic.
I would love some brushes from other countries with outstanding designs but the prices of shipping is way too expensive.

I have fallen very deep into the rabbit hole and am always finding ways to get shave gears to be shipped cost efficiently. This past 2 months was indeed a great time for all the sale offers. Mail call is never ending and much anticipated.

I hope this helps but please do ask should you need tips...or vice-versa
Mmm, I often buy stuff from Lazada, and I think they are part of the whole alixpress/alibaba thing, so have ordered a couple from DS Cosmetic.

Had to Google externally to find that seller, but cannot find the seller 'Yagi', unless he sells antennas...? Any idea how to search for sellers, rather than products on Alixpress?

Thanks for the tip, have also ordered a reasonably-priced silvertip from that Ebay guy :)

None of the 3 I just ordered are such a perfect match for their bowls as the ones I have, but I'm sick to death of getting hairs all over my face and in my soap.

Cheers for your help!