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Pure dumb luck...new find!

I went to the local antique shop today. Looked in the case they normally keep razors in. Nothing new. I decided to wander around to see if I could at least find something useful while I was there. Struck out with that too. On the way out I passed the case and saw this:

$$4.95 Gillette Slim 4.jpg

How did I miss that?! I already own a Slim. I, however, don't own a Slim with a case AND the booklet....yet. :001_tongu

$$4.95 Gillette Slim 1.jpg

Yeah, $4.95! :w00t: RAD satisfaction on the cheap! :lol:
Nice razor ... but c'mon, you could at least talked him down to $3 ! :blink:

:lol: I wasn't about to argue the price!!

There's nothing to be found at antique shops........Don't waste your time there! :shifty:
Great find BTW.

Yes. Antique shops have nothing worthwhile. :001_tongu Actually, I've lucked up there on a number of occasions. I've bought a 50's style SS, a 40's style SS w/case, a 3 piece Tech, and a Gemtech SE there. All of them were $5 apiece!! :w00t:

Want to double your money??

Just double?? :shifty:

Anyway, this puppy needs some serious cleaning. It is pretty scuzzy. Thankfully, everything is loose and works quite well...I'd love to disassemble it but it's one that has that stupid funny nut looking thing on the threads. :letterk2:
Excellent score! Antique malls in my area tend to have shaving mugs and beat up straights, but I have never found a safety razor at one.
I find stuff at antique shops all the time. Best find so far was a cased Fat Boy in great shape for $22.50 (talked down from $25). However, in terms of pure value, the Slim I picked up last week for $7 was just as good. Yesterday, I found a red tip in gorgeous shape (just a little flecking on the tip) for $12. Actually paid a couple dollars more because the woman told me she paid $14 and I didn't want her to lose money. But she offered it for $12. (These folks have become like friends and she was thinking of me when she picked it up.)

Most of the fun, at this point, comes from talking to the shop owners and employees. Most of them love old stuff and struggle to make a living. Many have other jobs which actually support them.
You guys have much better antique stores than we do down here. Nice find.

Actually, I'm only a few hours away from Baton Rouge. Anyway, finding razors around here is really tough. I just get lucky from time to time. They apparently had this one since October of last year but only got around to getting it out to sell that very day I walked in. The store picks up a lot of stuff from estate sales but apparently razors and the like are hard to come across.
Mystkm-- that was impossible to pass up- and since you already have one, it will make a really nice gift. I will pm you my address. (Just kidding, I have three but just as you said- not a one with a booklet or a case!)
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