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(PTOM) January - Give Pease a chance.

So its January first 2011, fellow pipe smokers I invite you to have a bowl of G.L. Pease this month and share your thoughts and experiences on any of his blends here. Enjoy!
Nothing open at the moment, but I do have a Christmas gift certificate to use up. I'm in, but I'll be a week or so.
Funny you should start this thread today, I gave Barbary Coast a second chance yesterday. This was not a favorite of mine fresh out of the tin, it's been sitting for about a year now. Yesterdays bowl in a small Dunhill prince was very pleasant, the harshness that I remembered was gone and I could really pick up a variety of flavors. I may order a couple of more tins to let age if that is going to be the result. Certainly an enjoyable smoke.
I have 3 tins open (Laurel Heights, Embarcadero, and Westminster) and 6 more unopened. Maybe I'll open a new one for this month.
I'm actually holding off ordering anything new 'till this comes out, I'm crazy excited about trying this.:thumbup1:


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You do know that Greg's a member of the site, right?

He's been pretty quiet. :001_rolle
I gave them a quick call a little while ago. C&D confirms that there's plenty more and that they're shipping it on Monday (CONUS so no customs issues). They'll probably be in stock by this time next week but they'll have a much larger order coming.
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