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PSO how do you use it?

A friend gave me a jar of Origins Pre Shave Oil.


I tried it this morning and liked the results but there may have been other factors.

How do you use it? Label says to rub 4-5 drops onto a wet face before applying lather. So do you reapply inbetween passes? My hands felt a little slick grabbing my Gillette so I didn't like that too much. As far as lubrication it didn't seem to change the Trumpers Limes that I had for a lather so I didn't see much going on at first. After a 3 pass shave my sink seemed a little oily and my hands were oily as well. I grabbed a shell of Jeans soap that she sent and washed my hands and face to get the oily feeling off. Her soaps have great slickness as well.

Well then I put the Neutrogena Razor Defence ASB on and I felt great! Smooth close shave and my skin felt nice and soft as well. I was really suprised. Then I thought it could have been the washing using Jeans soap as well. Of course I will eliminate the variables with the next shave but I am asking for input on usage of the PSO and if anyone has tried the Origins stuff as well. I have a sample of AOS PSO that I may have to break out as well to compare. Thought please!
I use it more as a POST OIL.
Today I tried the pacific PSO as a pre like you said few drops on the wet face then apply lather.

What I normally do is do a 3-4 pass shave. then as touch up I use a few drops all over the wet face and go against the grain,cross everywhere with the razor
result is extreme BBS .

So for me its more a POST oil touch up thing with shave oils. the Proraso pre-post is more of a pre to me I will use that to indeed rub it good into the beard.
Hello Charlie,

Let's not get mixed up here.

Pacific Shave Oil is known on the forums as PSO. Pacific Shave Oil is shave oil. Nancy Boy, AOS, Origins are all pre-shave oils. They are different from PSO.

I can only vouch for Pacific Shave Oil (PSO) in that it does not adversely affect bristles, lather or blades. I don't know about the others. The "others" are definitely different.

Just wanted to clear things up so everyone is on the same page when referring to PSO.

Plano TX
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