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PSA: Winners Shave Goods -Vancouver, Canada

I just wanted to start a thread for grooming supplies in stock at Winners or HomeSense stores. As they have rotating shipments, every now & then you can come across some decent & useful mens grooming supplies they may have in stock. :w00t:

If anyone is interested the Winners store on Robson St, Vancouver, BC has Zirh grooming products right now as well there is some low-end Vulfix brushes for $20.00.

Also, in stock right now are tubs of Vulfix Shave Cream for $10.00. They have Lavender & Sicilian Lime in stock. I wanted a nice summer scent so I grabbed a tub of the Sicilian Lime and definately looking forward to trying it for tonight's shave. If I like it I will go back for the Lavender. The reviews look pretty good. From what I am reading Vulfix creams are good value for the money & produce great lather.

Plus they have the usual assortment of shave kits.
Scored a nice Perry Ellis shave kit at this location once :thumbup:
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This is a great idea!
Problem is, their stock is so uneven, store-to-store. Robson and Park Royal Village definitively carry more variety. Last year I found Muehle brushes in the Village, but not in other locations I visited.

Another isle worth checking out is bathroom accessories: sometimes they have interesting soap mugs, also toothbrush holders that can be used for DE razors.

Thanks for the Vulfix tip.
Stopped by The Rise location (Cambie @ Broadway). No Vulfix SC there :(

They have Cliven shaving foam, aftershave cream, and aftershave emulsion (see here). I am not familiar with that brand. Anyone? Emulsion has a pleasant scent, $7, thinner than Nivea ASB.

While searching for Vulfix stuff I found couple of Pre de Provence bath soaps. Which leads me to believe they might have PdP shaving products at other locations.
If you have any room left in the shave cabinet, at the Winners Robson location, you will find "Grey Flannel" by Geoffrey Beene aftershave lotion for $10.00 bucks.

As well lots of fantastic scented Zirh soap bars (glycerin) & body wahses. $3.00 & $7.00 respectively. I saw these puppies retailing at department stores for approx $30.00 if you can believe it :blink:
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I guess you city slickers get all the good deals. I was in Winners today and noticed the PnP soaps.

No Vulfix here. :thumbdown

I would be interested to hear your take on the Lime.
I guess you city slickers get all the good deals. I was in Winners today and noticed the PnP soaps.

No Vulfix here. :thumbdown

I would be interested to hear your take on the Lime.

It by far has the lightest, fluffiest, whip-like textured cream I have ever encountered. It actually clings to the roof of the tub lid.

I find the scent very cosmetic. In no way is the scent natural IMO.
To my nose, you can tell the fragrance was formulated in a chemistry lab.
Today at Winners on Robson, I couldnt help but notice a/Men/ity shave products on the shelf. $15.00 price range :w00t:

Ok go ...
Skincare section (most places).
As for brushes, they had some Muhle classics a year ago, and then Vulfix last summer. Those were all pure badger brushes, ~$30.
Went to the Winners on Robson after reading this thread, I live near by, found the products mentioned but didn't buy anything.
Stopped by Cambie location this afternoon. Went looking for shaving stuff, but ended up with a big bottle of American Crew daily moisturizing shampoo. Paid $13, which is what other stores normally charge for regular size bottle (250ml). Plus, big bottle comes with a pump cap.
Winners on Robson today had Clinique men's sets for about $35 with cleansers, scrubs, gels, and moisturizers. No shaving stuff was in the set. I think there was about 7 sets left when I was there at around 730pm.

Didn't see any shaving gear either but saw a big mirror that might help with the grooming.

Scored a good deal on Genuine Health Grapes Plus and Quest Omega fish oils!

Also IGA and LD sell Alba shaving cream for 4.99 whereas Choices/Whole Foods sells it for 6.99.
Father's Day display at Park Royal location:
- Real Shaving Co creams and balms at $3.99
- St. James of London Mandarin & Patchoulie cream (brushless), $7.99 per jar
- St. James of London gift set with a brush ($?)
- Peckniff's balms and gels - Oriental, Citrus, Fern and Leather ($?)
- some ? "wild and natural" shaving set (oil, cream, balm, etc.)
- "G'Day Mate" shaving cream from Australia
(+ "usual" assortment of aftershaves & EdTs)
New this week: a selection of Portugese triple milled Castelbel bath soaps. $6 for that gigantic bar (350g). It's not milled seven times like Claus Porto, but still a good deal.
Interesting find: big Claus Porto soap - Tobacco scent in selected stores. Apparently, that scent has been discontinued couple of years ago.
Downtown Vancouver Winners
- lot of RCS products: hot towel mask, shave creams, aftershave
- Founders reserve shave cream, cologne and kits (shave cream, brush & aftershave)
- Ultrashave 3 in 1 and facial scrub

off topic: DT London drugs has Tabac kits on sale for $20 - small sizes of deodorant, aftershave, bath soap and cologne
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