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I've read some good things about Proraso products and I'd like to give them a try.

I read that they are carried at Target but I was unable to find them. Does anyone know if Target indeed carries Proraso products and what section they are in?
They are NOT in the shaving section!!!!!!
They are in/around the cosmetics section.
I made this mistake when I was looking for it in Target also.
Common sense would tell anyone that it would be with the rest of the shaving stuff, but apparently not by Target's standards!
Hey B, (That's your first name?)
Since I have no idea where you are located, I have no idea if the Target in your area even carrries Proraso. You might want to update your profile or even post something about yourself in the "Hall of Fame." Don't worry, the black helicopters won't arrive till next week.
Hi Ron,
I thought that you were too "common" to use Proraso, particularly in combination with a Wee Scot:lol:
First name is Rob and I live in Santa Clara, CA (near San Jose). I didn't even know there was a profile to update :rolleyes:
Thanks for the tip Ron!

Thanks for the info everyone. I'm heading to target in a little while to find the fabled Spa section.


Welcome to the party! And thank you for posting you city. That little tidbit of info comes in handy from time to time.

So I picked up the Proraso shaving cream, pre-shave balm and after-shave lotion. I'd like to say WOW!! Fantastic stuff.

I'm fairly new to wet-shaving and never used a preshave before, it seems to have helped and the lovely tingle is quite nice on a hot summer evening!
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