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Proraso users- any preference regarding tub or tube?

Proraso Red tub was one of my first shave soaps and I really enjoy it. When I expanded I decided to try the Green tube. I've found that I love the cream the most, and will probably stick to the cream for future purchases. Can't wait to try the Red tube, and the Blue.

Proraso fans- do you have a preference for one form over the other? Do you feel there's not much difference and it doesn't matter?
Someone mentioned it’s the same product with different water content. It makes sense. I only have experience with creams but i really like them. The only reason i could foresee going to the tub of soap would be economy as one would expect they are sold by volume/weight, and that the tub would be more concentrated and therefore a more economical choice.

Like most, i have too much software anyhow, so something that will get used up quicker is likely best in my current state.
I think my preference has to do with control/precision and consistency, something I feel the cream allows me more of. YMMV.
I like the tubed cream much better. It's much easier to control my product usage that way. Have had way too much variability loading from the tub. With the cream, squirt roughly an inch out and get plenty for 2 passes and touch-ups.
I've always been a tube or stick man all my life. Always face lather like my papa did.

Only started using Proraso (green) last year when I started SR shaving. Oh what a difference that made.
I prefer the cream as I am a face lather and it works very well for me. Plus it is cheap and I started de shaving as a way to save money the tubes are only 10 bucks and smell and work great
I have the tube in red, green, white and blue. I think the green is my least favourite just because of the strong menthol face tingle.
That strong menthol face tingle that makes it your least, is exactly what makes it my most loved from all proraso products!
That strong menthol face tingle that makes it your least, is exactly what makes it my most loved from all proraso products!
It was my first menthol soap. Thought I’d like the tingle so got one and found out it’s not for me. Since then I’ve been mixing it with other soaps, I must be enjoying it though because I keep buying it lol.
Tube. Basically, I rarely use the soaps amymore. Too fussy.

Tube creams are like smoking a cigar. Cut. Light. Smoke.

Soaps are like smoking a pipe. Fussy. Soaking brushes, building lather in a bowl or mug. Cleaning brush, drying it, whatever. Just...fussy.
Performance wise I find them the same. Cream lathers faster, but the tub lasts me a lot longer. I guess it all depends on what’s more important to each individual.
Pretty much the same for me.

But, I generally choose the tub because I can reuse the empty tubs for various things.