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Proraso/technique improvement !!

Today I shaved with Proraso. Towards the end I find it dries out a bit and the menthol irritates my skin. This morning, late for work, I put in a splodge of Old Spice aftershave lotion (a relic of my shaving-goo and disposables days) into the bowl before lathering up.

AMAZING!! The lather was more moist, more slick, and didn't dry out at all (which suprised me) even after 20 minutes. The shave was faster too, the razor just gliding. Perhaps it had something to do with washing my face with Pantene-Pro (Walmart equiv) before as well...

Two days ago I had a BBS with a 60s SS and israeli personnas (but some rawness), so I hadn't shaved yesterday. So this morning first I reduced the beard with a Gem Micromatic with Pella blades (thanks Suzuki!) held absolutely flat against the skin. Then after that the 60s SS with Derby blades did a superb job.

No catching, no tugging like with a day-old beard. No irritation whatsoever, not even from menthol. No need for aftershave either, skin was happy and glowing.

proraso + aftershave == morning happiness!

my 2nd BBS and the first one with no irritation at all. Perhaps I'm getting the hang of this?
Definitely happy for you on the great shave, but I can't imagine that washing your face with shampoo can be a good thing for long. :o15:
nichhel said:
proraso + aftershave == morning happiness!


I hope you continue to get graet shaves, when you start geting consistant bbs shaves it makes it all worth while!
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