Proraso pre-shave cream before SR shave?

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    Hey, guys. I’ve been shaving with a DE safety razor for awhile and usually use Proraso pre-shave cream before lathering up. I’m going to venture into SR shaving this weekend and have a question. I’ve seen some posts advise against using pre-shave oil before a SR shave. Do any of you use Proraso pre-shave cream before a SR shave or might it have a similar dragging effect as pre-shave oil?
  1. I’ve used it with good success. Whereas I don’t think it brings anything to the DE table, it can with an SR. That’s because we go slow at first and our lather tends to dry out before a pass is finished. Having a flick base that doesn’t dry out helps some. I use Cremo mostly for my Pre-shave.

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  2. I use Vitos pre-shave all the time. If you liked the Proraso stuff with a DE, you'll like it with a straight. Pre-shave oil is fine too given the right set of circumstances. In short, it all comes down to personal preference, which is variable. Good luck with your first straight-razor shave. Best to keep the spine low for starters.
  3. I use the poraso pre.
    Sometimes oil.
    Sometimes both.
    Post shower is king.....

    Any thoughts on post shave ... alum stick, aftershave, balm......
  4. Clear glycerin soap has proven to help me. Glycerol is able to absorb water from the air. My shave soap contains glycerin and shea butter. Anything to lubricate is good with a SR.
  5. mrlandpirate

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    for me pre shave oil and a wet lather from a great soap our my best friends
  6. I used the poraso pre shave once and gave it away. I felt it make the blade stick and catch on the skin. If looking for a pre-shave product, I can't recommend Grooming Dept.'s pre shave highly enough. Fantastic stuff. Great slickness improvement and the added post shave is incredible.
  7. I use Nivea post shave balm. Really like the smell and it softens the skin. I don’t use alcohol based aftershaves anymore. Too drying for my skin.
  8. I use the proraso pre - I've find that it helps with irritation, especially on my neck which is usually a pain. I shave pre-shower - cold water, proraso pre, proraso lather, then nivea post shave. Works well for me.
  9. +1 nivea shave balm!
  10. I just had my first ever shave with Proraso. Used a DE, mostly because my Gold Dollar straight just won't get sharp enough. If it's anything close to the same as it was with a DE, I'll likely use it for life. Proraso pre/post and lather was/is a game changer for me. Can't wait to use it with the straight I ordered!
  11. I use Proraso preshave. I started using it about 6 months into my de shaving and I use it now with my straight.
    I forgot to use it once with a de and it was very noticeable how coarse my beard was a result.
    Since then I’ve used it daily, my beard is very coarse so I like to give the razor all the help I can.
    I’ve never used my straight without it so can’t give a really fair comparison.

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