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Pre De Provence Shave Cream

I was at Merz today in Chicago, and took a whiff of the Pre De Provence shaving cream (with shea butter). The stuff smells awesome, as does the soap (same scent). However, at Merz it costs $15 for a 2.5oz tube... I wasn't bitin'. Has anyone used the cream? I've heard good reviews about the soap.

What I DID purchase, though, is a shave cream made by Origins. The women at the store were not too sure if it would work with a brush (I am a bit skeptical that it will), but they have a pretty liberal return policy... so I thought I would give it a try ($14 for a 5 oz. tube). Has a lot of good natural ingredients in it and smells awesome.

I purchased some of the Pre de Provence shave cream not too long ago and have been very disappointed by it. It is too expensive, it takes way too much cream to build an adequate amount of lather, and the lubrication provided is average to poor. Use the same amount of money (or less) to buy an entire tub of Taylor's instead.
Kyle said:
I purchased some of the Pre de Provence shave cream not too long ago and have been very disappointed by it. It is too expensive, it takes way too much cream to build an adequate amount of lather, and the lubrication provided is average to poor. Use the same amount of money (or less) to buy an entire tub of Taylor's instead.

Hey Kyle, Have you tried the soap? It is one of my top five soaps, and at about 11-12 bucks for a 5.25 ounce cake in a nice tin, I think it is a heck of a deal. Sorry the cream isn't up to snuff.
Cheers, DJ.
I have not yet tried the soap. I actually went out looking for the soap and upon not being able to locate a local source, settled for the cream. I am still keeping an eye out for the soap (locally) as I have seen/heard/read many positive comments about it.
Thanks for the feedback. I'm glad I didn't buy the pre de provence cream. Merz does carry the soap as well. The smell of the soap is really great. I may have to pick that up at some point. Provence Sante shave soap also smells really good.

Well, Origins shave cream DOES NOT lather with a brush. It's too bad. It's reasonably priced, smells great, and has nice ingredients. Maybe I'll take my refund from that cream and buy the Pre de Provence soap????

I really like the Provence Sante shave soap (I picked mine up on the same trip that the Pre de Provence cream was acquired). It lathers very well, has a great clean scent to it, and provides for a great shave. It leaves the skin with almost a powdery feeling though not dry.
Ditto on the soap. That's the soap that I usually take when I travel as it is very conveniently packaged. I've yet to try the cream.
well, I bought the pre de provence shave soap today... the scent of this stuff is really something else! I hope its performance is equally impressive. From some of the reviews I've read, I have good reason to believe it will be.

Hello. I am new to this thread and the forum, but being almost 58 years of age, I am not new to shaving with the numerous types of blades, brushes, soaps, and creams I have used in the past. These comments are not meant to endorse any specific products, but appear here only to relay my own personal shaving experiences. I have settled into the Feather Straight Razor Artist Club RG and a Merkur (long handle) Safety Razor #180, a Vulfix 2235, and Pre de Provence Shave Cream. In the past, I was using an unnamed soap and was not satisfied with it. The lather would just merely coagulate and dry on my face. It was a difficult experience to be sure. A few cuts here and there. So I decided to go on a hunt for a better soap or cream, and I do believe that Pre de Provence cream is the way to go, at least for me...When I originally read the string on this particular forum, I was more inclined to use the Provence shaving soap...but I figured why not give it a try...The trick for me was gradually adding more hot wather into the cream (not adding more cream actually) in a bowl and it was very easy for me to whip the cream into a lather. The stuff really did stay wet on my face, foamy, and plenty long for a couple strokes. It softened the hairs on my face, and made my skin feel refreshed at the same time. Who knows, glycerin, Aloe vera, maybe the Shea butter?. I don't know, but the blade just glides over my face very comfortably and gives a close shave....The fragrance is hardly noticeable as well, as I do have a rather sensitive skin, and this fact helps. Nicks are now things of the past for me. True, I do use a Badger Brush, and this may help with the lather, but the experience is really wonderful....I personally have a great shave with the Pre de Provence Shave Cream. Thank you so much for allowing me to express my opinion on this site, as it has been a very helpful resource for me......my best.
Let's wake up this long dead thread!

I got a tube of Pre de Provence cream from Mrs. Nid Hog for Valentine's Day. I'm primarily a tallow soap kind of guy, although I have a couple of creams that I like too. These days, I have tubs of Domenico Caraceni 1913, Castle Forbes Lavender, Nancy Boy, and Fraser's Mosswood (can't beat that scent) going. Anyway, I tried the cream this morning and I thought it was excellent. It has a thick, rich feel out of the tube and it smells fantastic--a green, citrus fragrance. A little bit generated a dense, creamy lather with very little effort (face lathering). I shaved with a Fatboy and a Feather blade that's been loaded up for a couple of days now. I got a great, three-pass BBS shave out of it.

I didn't have them handy this morning, but I think it would go great with Shiseido's Tactics AS and cologne. As it is, I washed up, splashed on some Eroica Valiant aftershave and, later on, CdG Vettiveru. A very nice morning indeed.
I'm going to flag this as something to try. I got some PdP balm a while ago and it is a fresh, pine-type scent--a little thin in consistency, but good. I don't think I smelled citrus but it is outdoorsy.
I really liked the PdP shave soap when I used it with my B&B essentials boar brush. Great lather and I love the scent. It inspired me to try out their shave cream, (I generally prefer creams.). I'll report on it once I try it. If it's as good as the soap, I will be greatly pleased.
Just a quick update. I tried this cream today and I was greatly pleased! Amazing lather, wonderful slickness, and that great scent that I love from their soap! I am very glad I bought this wonderful cream! I highly recommend this cream. Just a wonderful cream!
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