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"Powder-y" Aftershaves

I have found that I prefer "powder-y" aftershaves as a consistent, everyday use.

The ones that I have personally found to be powder-y are Clubman and Floid - Vigoroso.

Do any of you know what makes this powder-y fragrance and do you have any recommendations for other powder-y scented aftershave splashes?
I love Floid Vigoroso but I pick up the powder more from the "Italian" Floid Genuine or amber. My fave powder aftershave is Vitos Aftershaving. Not aftershave, but Aftershaving. Orange, cream, and powder. Great stuff.
IDK what makes the powdery scent. That's a great question. As for a good one, try classic Mennen Skin Bracer.
I don't know what "powder" smells like, but I've got many of the splashes mentioned above, and none smell vaguely like the others (except Myrsol F/Extra, which smells very much like the four Floids not including Black, which all resemble each other--Blue, Vigoroso, Amber and Suave).
To me the word 'powdery' goes with the talc that the barber used to put on my neck after a haircut when I was growing up. That talc was Clubman!

So I guess my concept combines 'powdery' and 'barbershop.' To me that means: Clubman, but also Floid, Proraso and Fine American Blend. But this is very subjective and YMMV.
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