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Here's mine. I've got 4 more handles that I haven't gotten around to reknotting yet, debating what knots I need.

There's a Shea Moisture Black, a Vulfix black in clay colored handle, a TGN china black in red/scotch handle, a TGN nylon in handpainted handle, a Semo 2000, a tgn 2 band 24mm finest xtra stuffed bulb in a Bullseye handle, a Vulfix Super in a Black/scotch handle, a Gros LE 2 band simpfix, a TGN 16mm finest in a handpainted handle, 2 vintage boars with their original knots, one in a barber-shop Style handle and the other in a bronze handle.
I have been thinking about starting one of these for a while.

Sadly mine will have to wait as I am in Indiana visiting my parents through next weekend.
Well, at this point I should admit I need a life - but I'm having too much fun (and not enough brushes) :biggrin1: :tongue_sm
This is an old shot but has most of my brushes. I have sold the Plisson Ebony 12 on the left end and have added the Simpson Astor LE, Rooney 1/1 Finest in Faux Ivory and Simpson Chubby 1 two-band. Now just waiting on the B&B 09 LE! :w00t:
What, no acrylic handled-brushes? :biggrin1:

Great collection.
No acrylic, I'm not that fond of plastic, I prefer natural materials, but that doesn't mean I'm writing it off - someday maybe :001_rolle

I desire a closeup of that butterscotch boar with the red travel case.
Well, being in a good mood today (I've been invited out for dinner = no dish washing tonight :thumbup:) your wish is granted.
It is not real butterscotch though, but painted wood as far as I can figure out - a nice little travel brush nonetheless.
From left to right:

Vulvix 374S (partially hidden by razor/brush stand)
Savile Row 3124
Kent BK4
Semogue 1305
Semogue LE 2009,

and latest addition, a custom Semogue "tribute" with a 22mm TGN best knot (pre-bloom).

Hope you like 'em.