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Possibly the cheapest shaving bowl...

...not found in a yard sale.

I used to an Ikea 365+ small bowl as my shaving bowl. It was the perfect size and didn't lip in too much so that my brush "clinked" against the sides. Well I broke it a little while ago and was back to my old latte mug.

I was at Ikea again recently and came across this guy:


It works great, maybe even better than my old bowl.

And it's $0.79!
I just buy a ceramic rice bowl at Wal-Mart or Target. I think the last one I bought was $0.74. Perfect for shaving and, if I break it, no big deal.

It's the double wall bowl? I saw here on other thread a fine BB fellow who drilled it, just the exterior face and...hop, hot water between the exterior and interior bowl face to keep the lather warm...
Wow... Nice bowl. I wish I had one like it... My wife bought a stainless salad bowl from Ikea for $1 that she thought would make a great bowl for me... well it looks really nice, but of course doesn't conserve heat... I still use it and probably will for awhile.
At CVS I picked up a star fish shaped ice cream bowl that is awesome as a shaving bowl. It has smooth rounded edges and fits a 3.25 inch soap cake perfectly. Cost me exactly a dollar! I'll post a picture of this and my other shaving bowl when I get home.
How's the weight? I'm using a latte mug from Honest Ed's right now, and I find that it isn't as heavy as what I was last using, so it floats around. to stop it from floating I have to put less water in the sink, which means it doesn't his the bowl as well :mad:
Here are my two bowls. The yellow starfish bowl contains TOBS Lavender (a 3.25 inch soap cake upside down. The pot looking bowl contains a slither of Col. Conk Bay Rum sitting in top of Williams soap (a little experiment I wanted to try).
i have a latte mug that i got at a dollar store on broad st in elizabeth. it is lopsided (of course because its from new jersey!)
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