Portable versus disposable charcoal grill

Discussion in 'The Great Outdoors!' started by hotwheels, May 12, 2016.

    I'd like to do some roadside grilling during lengthy road trips. In general I am not in favor of anything disposable, but I am not sure about a compact, portable charcoal grill either. There's the issue of cleanup and potential smell from the car's trunk during travel.

    Any first-hand experience, anyone?
  1. After a quick peruse, I think your best bet is that Go-anywhere or a Gold Smokey Joe

    comments on various fora suggest the GA has a bit more height above the grate but the food is too close to coals. Reverse for the SJ. SJ might be easier to cook indirect.
    I think it might mainly depend on packing - what space do you have and does a compact rectangle fit better than a circular object?
  2. It has to be compact, so a spherical grill is out. Also, weight is a consideration, and the small Weber I have my eye on weighs under 15 lbs.
  3. The Weber Go-Anywhere is a great grill, looks like what you need
  4. You are such a pushover. :tongue_sm I was hoping someone would point out some of the product's warts.
  5. Weber Go-Anywhere gets my vote!
  6. You might be better off with a small LP grill instead of a charcoal one. Less cleanup, and less accessory stuff to haul around. Charbroil has one that should work well.
  7. Taste over convenience for me! No pain, no gain. Etc etc...
  8. Bhugo

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    I used to carry around a small Habachi (sp?). It was very heavy. I had an open back pickup. It was a mess, but a good fitting plastic tub with a tight top works wonders. I switched to a small propane and found it much easier than toting a bag of charcoal around, but the grill was a good addition for a couple years.

    Good luck.

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