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Portable versus disposable charcoal grill

I'd like to do some roadside grilling during lengthy road trips. In general I am not in favor of anything disposable, but I am not sure about a compact, portable charcoal grill either. There's the issue of cleanup and potential smell from the car's trunk during travel.

Any first-hand experience, anyone?
It has to be compact, so a spherical grill is out. Also, weight is a consideration, and the small Weber I have my eye on weighs under 15 lbs.
You might be better off with a small LP grill instead of a charcoal one. Less cleanup, and less accessory stuff to haul around. Charbroil has one that should work well.


I used to carry around a small Habachi (sp?). It was very heavy. I had an open back pickup. It was a mess, but a good fitting plastic tub with a tight top works wonders. I switched to a small propane and found it much easier than toting a bag of charcoal around, but the grill was a good addition for a couple years.

Good luck.