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Polsilver Super Iridium razor blade review

I'm sure there are ample reviews of this particular razor blade here on Badger & Blade, but I thought I'd provide my own personal review.

Since I first began to shave with a safety razor slightly over one year ago, I experimented with several kinds of razor blades. Some were okay for my face, while others were not the right ones for me to use. Ideally, I wanted to find that one blade that was sharp and perfect. I heard about the Japanese Feather razor blade and decided to use it for the first time, and, while it performed well, frankly, my skin reacted badly to it. I was left with some spots of skin irritation on my face (though my technique in general is good). So, I decided to look again in the market for razor blades that were similar to the performance of the Feather.

About two weeks ago, I came across the Polsilver Super Iridium blade and was rather eager to shave with it, since I read a lot of great reviews that mentioned its quality and sharpness is almost identical to the Feather. In spite of these reviews, I knew the only way to find out was to put one to the test.

My daily shaving routine involves two passes. With the grain and against the grain. After my first shave with the blade, I was extremely impressed by how smooth my face was. The blade was able to cut off my stubble easily with little struggle. Though what was important was the condition of my skin after the shave. Surprisingly enough, unlike my previous experience with the Feather, I had minimal skin irritation. The alcohol aftershave (liquid form) I used did not burn my face as it often did in the past. I could say this was rather a miracle, not to mention an amazingly comfortable shave.

The next several shaves with the blade were the same as I realized. In the past, several blades I used to use regularly did not last long regarding sharpness. About two shaves. For me, a Polsilver Super Iridium blade lasts for about four shaves before it becomes dull, since I shave daily and have a thick beard.

As people here on this forum say, YMMV. Though should you decide to use this one for the first time to see if it is the right one for you, then I would strongly recommend to do so. I'm glad that I found the ideal razor blade for my face for the first time. It has been my daily blade since the get-go.

So, is this blade actually equivalent to the Japanese Feather razor blade? No, not necessarily. The Feather razor blade is perhaps the sharpest razor blade when compared to all of the others that exist in the market as of present day. While it provides an extremely close shave, it does not work well on every man. Put simply, YMMV. I eventually found this out. In any case, the Polsilver Super Iridium blade is clearly a high quality razor blade, not necessarily a cheap one that you could easily find at a local drugstore, such as C.V.S., for example. Its performance is excellent, and, in my opinion, it is a forgiving blade. Less irritation and stress. That is an excellent benefit for me, and I am sure others that are in the same boat would agree as well.

Furthermore, for a lot blades out there, some work well in certain safety razors. A lot of them may not work well in every one that exists. I learned this for several blades I used to use in the past, which I completely disliked. Even so, regarding the Polsilver Super Iridium razor blade, for me, this one works nicely in all of my four safety razors that I shave with daily. Gillette English Aristocrat (No. 15), Bostonian, President, and New Bostonian.

Of course, like practically everything else, there is a drawback. The price. While I understand one package of blades is not necessarily cheap, in the long run, though, they would be worth the price. Recently on EBay, I purchased a box of 50 for about $23 and change, so I think that is a fairly good deal compared to what others sell for on EBay (based on personal observation).
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As Pault said, you can get them for about half that here. I am shave #3 with a Polsilver SI. I usually go 5-6 with my medium beard.
Great blades.

Excellent review. I found the blades to tug at my beard and cause irritation, which was disappointing because they are considered very good and get excellent reviews.
The Polsilver SI and Personna "Israeli Red" are my favorites. I find them similar. The Polsilver is just a bit "stronger", giving a closer shave, but is not as smooth as the Red on the first use. I discard blades when they are past their peak, and on average get one more shave from the Polsilver. If you haven't tried the Israeli Reds, you might consider them as an enjoyable alternative, as I do.
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