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Poll: What do you cut yourself with more?

What do you cut yourself with more?

  • Straight razor

  • Safety razor- DE, SE, injector

  • Art's razor

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I always seem to cut myself more with a safety razor than with a straight.

How about you?
Well that would have to be a DE by default. I've never used a straight.

And I don't know this Art fellow...perhaps I should!
Hmmm, I didn't vote because cuts or accidents have been non existent for some time(knock on a balsa wood strop). :001_rolle
With a limited experience of about a month and a half with straights and six months of DE shaving before that I still must say DE's cut me most.

I've used a DE maybe 5-6 times since starting with straights, and I have gotten cuts every time.
DE wins for sure. I don't know why but I always manage to get a cut/weeper with a DE and never so much as a blemish with a straight.
It's been over a year, but cartridges cut me the most. My criterion for changing cartridges was to change it when I started getting too many cuts, nicks, burn spots. They were expensive and I just hated shaving.
Couldn't vote. This might sound strange, but I don't remember the last time I got cut. It's been that long.

Oh wait. I did get cut just last week while tightening my slim that last quarter turn. I was holding the razor head at the ends. I tightened my grip on the razor head so much that I managed to cut my thumb on the exposed end of the blade. So, I guess I have to say a DE, but I don't really think this should count.
I am still learning to sharpen straight razors, so am using various vintage blades in various conditions of sharpness and smoothness. These old things can bite. I have both spike tips and round tips. If I have been shaving with a round tip Sheffield razor for a while, I may get a cut when I return to using a spike tip Solingen full hollow. You've got to have some respect for that spike tip.

I no longer cut myself with the DE.
Too bad you didn't put cartridges in the poll. In an effort to get a decent shave out of those I got more cuts in a week than with a DE in a decade.
Update: After think a bit, I have received more cuts while cleaning older straights and testing sharpness during the honing process.

The last cut I received from a straight that I remember was my nose. You learn real quick what not to do.
My Feather AC is the least forgiving tool I have. I got it to try straights, and thought I was just no good at them. It was fun though, and I recently got a couple cheep straights. The longer blade and flex of a full hollow grind helped out quite a bit. I wont say I dont draw blood but its nothing like the ultra sharp, ultra rigid , ultra unforgiving AC.

I did not officially vote as there was no option for this particular type. If there was though, thats where I would have counted myself. For an unofficial vote normal Straights, but as stated already its a big difference.
If we mean shaving nicks, definitely more from the DE than the straight.

But we might mean doing something dumb. Like sliding the DE sideways. That can do as much damage as a straight.

Or thinking that the straight razor is farther away from my face than it is, and tapping it against my skin. ("Oh, was it that close?" Yep, sure was.)

If we're talking about accidents while shaving, definitely the straights. The first time I used that Dubl Duck with the square point, I got it too close to the ears, and put slices in both earlobes. Then there's the time I was moving my free hand, to stretch the skin in a different spot, and slammed it down on the blade. That was a bloody morning...
My blood flows at the whim of the shaving gods, be it DE, SE or Str8.

I surrender my precious bodily fluids at their command.
Fortunately I don't cut myself too often but when I do it's with a straight when I'm in a hurry. I don't cut myself with a DE but I do occasionally get irritation, which I never get with a straight.
That being said, I voted for Art.:tongue_sm
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