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Poll: How do you pronounce JAS eTea, LLC?

How do you pronounce JAS eTea?

  • Jazzy tea

  • DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

  • Throatwarbler mangrove

  • Art's tea shop

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First a bit of background. The JAS part of the business name is actually my wife's initials. As for the pronunciation, it is very difficult to actually pronounce the "S" so the name when pronounced actually comes out more like "jazz" eTea, LLC. My wife and I both thought that it had a rather nice ring to it.
No, seriously, lol...I looked in the Wiki, read the history, couldn't find anything...I'm just curious. If it's some sort of "old boy" inside joke, just say so...but if there's some sort of "history of Art" that's not one of these, I'd like to know...
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