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Pocket Watches

I have my great-grandfather's South Bend pocket watch. It is a 17 jewel movement from 1904. It was a gift to me from my father last year on my birthday. I took it to my local watchmaker as it was running slow and he adjusted it for me and it is actually keeping pretty good time. It has a very nice fancy dial, but is not in its original case which doesn't really affect its value. Not worth a lot of money, but I enjoy it very much and think about it riding around with my great-grandfather wherever he went.

I don't have a chain, so I have not carried it yet, but I run it every week for a few days and let it tick away on my desk while I am working.

I also have my grandfather's Westclox Pocket Ben; typical "dime store" pocket watch that still runs well and keeps time. I get it out every now and then and run it as well.

I hope you find a nice watch to enjoy!
+1 for vintage Waltham.
Picked this one up years ago at a flea market for short money.
Hefty...feels good in the hand...classic ticking...and keeps great time.
Know very little about it otherwise.
(The chain is modern stainless I added)


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