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INFO! PLEASE READ: Achieving Balance in Product Discussions

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Concerns have recently been raised in Site Feedback regarding posts about very popular products being re-directed to the related threads in the Clubs & Brotherhoods subforum. Concerns expressed by members both publicly and via private message related difficulty finding information about these products on Badger & Blade and asked if threads about basic questions related to the products could remain in the main topic forums so that there could be discussion of them. As was related in the Site Feedback thread, the sheer popularity of some of the products had previously resulted in many threads about different variants of the products, with multiple posts and thread bumps, effectively sidelining many other threads that couldn't compete for attention in New Posts or the front page of the forum. The Mod Team recognizes that genuine discussion of products has been a bedrock component of Badger & Blade from the beginning, and that striking a balance at the site between posts with reasonable discussion and those with boundless enthusiasm is important so that we may remain true to the original vision of the site.

Paraphrasing a member from the Site Feedback thread, the brotherhood threads should be for those that will talk about their favorite products constantly and give daily/weekly updates. We agree, and we want genuine discussions of any products to be pursued, unfettered, without derailment from the original question. Badger & Blade has dealt with similar situations in the past, when what was arguably the original "club" here would often overwhelm threads and derail them. Going forward, threads started based on questions about any product (brush shedding, lathering, scent, ingredients, etc.) will remain in the main forums. Feedback on those questions, both positive and negative, is welcome. There will be no tolerance of personal attacks on members who may express a contrary view to those of supporters of a product. Please note that those threads are not the place for posts expressing enthusiastic support of a product, and should a thread go in that direction, it will be placed in the appropriate Clubs & Brotherhoods thread. Members who persistently make the Clubs & Brotherhoods-type posts in the main forums will have their access to those forums revoked. The enthusiastic posts about products that are the staple of the Clubs & Brotherhoods threads should continue to be placed there.

We appreciate your cooperation.
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