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Pine Burl straight from the woods of Northern Ontario [PICS]

Been a while since I've posted anything new - mainly because I haven't been turning much - been busy with other things.

This one here is a special one for me. Every year, for the last two weeks of August, my family and I take a nice cottage vacation up in Northern Ontario - not far from Noelleville to be specific. Ever since I started woodworking I always keep my eyes open for some interesting hunks of wood, but being that it's pretty much all soft woods up there, there usually isn't much great wood to be found.

This year though I found a little pine burl ball in a stack of firewood. I REALLY wish I had taken a "before" picture of it, because it's pretty amazing to see what came out of this little pine egg shaped hunk. Thanks to Google images, I found a photo someone else took of something similar though, so you can get an idea. My burl ball was smaller than the one pictured and pretty much just an egg shaped thing with some roots attached.

Luckily - my piece was from last year's harvest too, so it was nice and dry. I couldn't wait to see what was inside :)

Wow - what a gorgeous piece of wood, and a great souvenir from the vacation. I think I'll be hunting for pine burl on a regular basis from now on!

24mm silvertip pictured.


And here's a photo someone else took of a similar pine burl for reference - looks like a tumor on the log:
Gorgeous. As always.

I really like that handle style as well. It vaguely matches the taper of the knot itself, while mixing curves with angles. Very cool and unique.
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