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PIF Time, Great Southern Land.


Well Gents, this is my 25,000 post on the forum. I am offering this PIF to a new member in the Great Southern land.
In this PIF you will receive the following items:

1x Jack the Barber DE Safety Razor.
1x Jack the Barber Shaving Brush.
1x Jack the Barber Shaving Cream.
1x Tube of Shave Cream.
1x Nivea For Men Aftershave Balm.
1x Arko Stick Shaving Soap.
1x Big Ben tuck of DE blades.
1x Crown tuck of DE blades.
1x Lord Classic tuck of DE blades.
1x Shark Super Stainless tuck of DE blades.
1x Shark Super Chrome tuck of DE blaces.
1x Micro Touch One tuck of DE blades. (Dorco ST 300)

If you are a new member just say I am in and I will pick a winner this week and then send the items off to you via Australia Post.
Good luck.


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Don’t be shy, newbies. Free stuff is the best.

In my first few weeks I was the lucky recipient of a pif from a generous Aussie member. Made me want to hang around and share the love.


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Brother, you just live on the wrong end of the planet!

Seriously, sorry you have not yet had any takers. You just KNOW I'd go for that Arko!
G'day mate! What a joyful time to have joined the forum! If no one else puts their name forward I'm happy to volunteer :D Congratulations on this fantastic milestone.!!
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Thanks @ajkel64 you are an absolute legend! A close friend of mine has been wanting to wean himself off Gilettes so the DE will be perfect of him. He sends his regards and appreciates your generosity as well :D