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GIVEAWAY! PIF Shavette-style barber razor setup

For my very first PIF, I thought I would see if anyone would like a Parker SRX razor and try a Hawaiian Shaving Company soap.

This PIF is open to anyone who has not tried shaving with a shavette-style barber razor that uses DE blades.
This PIF is CONUS only.

This includes:
A Parker SRX stainless steel razor (used)
A new pack of Astra Superior Platinum DE blades (which can be folded over while still in their protective wrapper to snap the blade into two half DE blades)
A new sample of Hawaiian Shaving Company (HSC) Kaimu Shave Soap, Palepiwa Lemi (Eucalyptus Lime)

The HSC soap has charcoal in it. The soap is black but as you add water and make a lather with it, it turns grey and slick. Keep lathering and it turns white.
I have read that the charcoal could darken natural brushes, so I am also throwing in the following synthetic brush and stand:

Maggard Razors 24mm Blue and White Two Piece Resin Handle Gray and White Synthetic Shaving knot (used)
Black plastic shave brush stand (used)

To enter this PIF, just post "I'm in" in this thread.

I will leave this PIF open for two weeks and pick a winner at random if there is more than one person interested in this PIF.

Thanks for reading!



"Self appointed king of Arkoland"
This PIF is really a wonderful, generous one my friend! Thanks for doing this. You'd think that beautiful brush would be enough for me to try to win it, but alas, I should refrain. I am blessed beyond measure.

Good fortune to all the entrants!!!
Did I miss the winning announcement?
No you did not miss the announcement. Yesterday was a very full day for me. I hit the ground running at 4 AM and by 11 PM when I started to put the announcement together, I just ran out of steam.

In the morning, I volunteered to play bass in a memorial service (which had a morning rehearsal and a service around 11 AM). After load out, grabbing lunch and heading home it was about 2 PM. I took a nap for a few hours then a friend came over and I helped them with their finances. After they left, I ran the script to pick a winner but I was so tired since it was about 11 PM and decided I would write a more coherent post with a little sleep. :)
Thank you everyone for helping my very first PIF to be a success!
Thanks for everyone who joined in and those who spread encouragement and kept the post visible.

I ran a Python script I wrote to take the list of people who said they were in and print them out in random order.
Without further delay, here is the results from my script:

1. FloridaMan
2. slim6596
3. ElwoodP
4. Zig the Pirate
5. dan9135
6. Vulcan Bubbles
7. zacktracy
8. BSawhill
9. bubo_strix

Congratulations to @FloridaMan !
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