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GIVEAWAY! PIF!! Lots of artisan shave soaps and samples!!

Here's a PIF of a wide range of specialty and artisan hard shave soaps and samples!
Help me clear out the den!
Over 17 different soaps, ranging from 4 oz large pucks to 0.5 oz samples.
Some with tallow, some vegan. Some used, most un-used.
Over 20 oz of soap!! Over $60 original cost!
Shave for a year!!
See pics!!

Here's what I ask...
1. You're a B&B member for at least a year and with at least 50 posts!
2. CONUS shipping and that you share in the mailing costs to extent of $4 (actual will be more!).
3. First Private Message AFTER 9PM EDT today (April 10 2023) gets it!
Thanks for viewing!




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Very generous and Interesting PIF - AND an interesting method of winning --- May I ask, 9PM in what time zone? :)

I haven't been here a year yet so I can't participate :( I'm just mister curious :letterk1:
Sounds great, but my daughter has a birthday tonight. So I won't be on the interwebz at a particular time. Y'all enjoy the email rush at 9pm (whichever time zone that maybe)! 😂🤣😂
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