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GIVEAWAY! PIF - Brush, Soap, Aftershave, Blades

That's exceedingly nice of Pastuers and mighty generous of yourself. Since I still don't have a boar...

I'm in.

I used to make bows and arrows years ago. A guy at our church found out about my hobby and started asking questions. It was fairly clear that he would like to have one, but I always made it clear that I wouldn't sell one if anyone asked. He always did a lot for others and asked for nothing in return, so I secretly made him a red oak pyramid style bow. He was a man of simple taste so I went with a simple design that performed quite well. He was having a small gathering at his house one day and he had invited me. I surprised him with the gift of the bow.
Not in, but incredible stuff you are offering. There are many times I've been given great gifts that were entirely unsolicited. When I was just starting out on Badger & Blade here, a user who has fallen off the radar just sent me a vintage scuttle after I mentioned in a thread how interesting it looked. @Snookledon wherever you are, I salute you.
I'm in!

The first time I gave a shaving-related gift without a request...
My sister's friend was looking for leg shaving supplies. She didn't want a traditional razor, just something like a Mach 3. But software was a definite possibility.

Myself and Lady Zig went shopping and came back with two different Gillette Fusion razors so she had a handle choice, three 8-packs of blades, some very nice Palmolive soap, a wooden shave bowl, an Omega Stripey for the brush, and a gift card for any add-ons she wanted.
She was overjoyed :)

Great PIF :)
Leon is a great guy and Pasteur's is the BEST! I moved from the NYC area and miss going there so much. Happy to have the online purchase option. Support this business guys! Put your dollars behind merchants like this who go out of their way to support us.
:a21: Got to have a story, so let's hear it.

Me, I'm not in. Excellent PIF.
I will tell this cool shaving story then. It's about my uncle who came to visit. He used a straight razor and it was so cool. He qlso had properly groomed hair. Anyway, he developed a cyst on his neck and I am like omg. Then he said watch. Then he used the razor to pop it fadt and it went way. Ewww
I’m in, thanks for the chance!

I attended the Sasquatch Music Festival 12 years in a row but the streak was only possible due to a friend who gifted me with a miracle a week before the 2016 festival.

In 2016 I decided I would try Levitation (psychfest) in Austin, TX instead of Sasquatch. When I landed in Austin the festival was cancelled due to weather. Two months later all of my friends were getting ready to head to The Gorge for Sasquatch but I couldn’t afford the ticket, as I still hadn’t received my refund from the cancelled festival. My buddy Zane, whom I’d met at Sasquatch a few years prior surprised me with a free pass a week before the festival. A truly incredible gift.
i'm in! when I was leaving the east coast to head west I gave four of my good friends 1948ish aristocrats because they shaved so much better then the mach 3's I was using back then and wanted to share this great and cheaper way of shaving. one friend got me six tubs of old bay as half joke and ten years later I just started the last tin.
I'm In My children and me took things to the homeless shelter they usually don't receive one Christmas. Cigarettes and chocolate candy, was very appreciated.
A few months ago I was browsing in a non-profit thrift store - the store is a non-profit that donates to other non-profits. I like to keep my eye out for razors and or good shaving bowls. A women came in whom appeared to be middle age. She was delighted to the point of glee to pick out a single book. It appeared to be a young adult or children’s book. I figured it must have been intended as a gift for a child or she had challenges in life that caused her to have a limited ability to read. I had found a few things and paid the cashier. The women got in line after me. I took out a dollar from my wallet because I had paid with a credit card. I handed it to the cashier and told her I wanted to buy the women’s book for her. I then walked to the exit. The cashier said to me the book is only $ .50. I told her to give the change to the women and or allow her to get another book. (I was hoping she would get another book.) The book lady donated the extra $ .50 to the thrift store.

I am in.
That's an excellent PIF David. I'm not entering but did want to pass along that I'm currently breaking in my first boar bristle brush and am enjoying it quite a bit. Best of luck to those that enter. this is a great set!
Mrs. dmshaver has read the entries & is impressed with the giving spirit of our members. She's surprised we don't just sit around & talk razors, soap, & brushes all day! I'll echo her thoughts, it's nice to read how we don't turn a blind eye to those in need. Well done folks! :a14::a14::a14:

The winner gave of his time, knowledge, & a lure. @ChriWilson congrats, you're the winner!!!
Please send me a PM with your mailing info & this little goodie package will be heading your way.

On behalf of myself, Pasteur Pharmacy, & all the B & B members, thank you to each entrant for giving a blessing to someone. Or for those of you that received an unsolicited gift, thank you for accepting it & allowing someone to bless you.
Thank you David for putting this together. I am extremely excited to expand upon my product knowledge and humbled by the level of information sharing and generosity I’ve experienced on this site.

I have learned so much from the B&B community over the past couple weeks I’ve been here - thank you all again
Fantastic packing job @dmshaver !

To me, the soap literally smells like Springtime in TX Hill Country...

Can’t wait to put these to use

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