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Parker Variant Setting 10?

I see some videos on Youtube, where the shavers go beyond setting 5 on the Variant. They say that the "+" symbol on the adjustable dial lets them actually set the razor to beyond 5 - with possibility of one more whole turn leading to settings 6 through 10. Is this really the case or intended functionality from the Parker razor? Or just a hack risking a lose top cap and blade getting yourself cut badly?

One that stands out is from the venerable PaulH:

it can be done, it can be safe, but it’s a hack. I can’t recall any adjustable razor with more than one turn allowed, basically you can’t indicate more settings than one full turn.

Even if physically true, why would anyone do that? Even with my tough old man whiskers, a modest setting of 3.5 seems perfect for me.

Professional shaving is about how close and comfortable I can shave, not about how irrational I can shave!
Paul H can do it just like I bet Geofatboy can.

Those guys with razors are about as skilled as Jimmy Page with a guitar!

I seen Geofatboy shave each half of his face with a razor in each hand! Haha. Now that’s some skill!

Most of the rest of us need to stick to under 3 with A Variant. Mines aggressive at 1!

I've used my Variant at its "official" max setting, and I can say that's quite a bit more aggressive than I'd ever care to go: my normal setting is 1.5 WTG, 1.0 ATG/XTG. And that's good for BBS/DFS, depending on the day.
I think a certain amount of machismo creeps into our shaving activities at times. Not for all of us, but for some of us, and we want to push the envelope. I don’t think it’s necessrily a good thing: there’s nothing inherently manly about shaving with wider gaps and more exposure.
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