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Paco Custom arrived!

I purchased paco664's first custom that he's ever sold from his shop. It arrived today and I'd had to lie if I didn't say my hand shook a little with anticipation! In fact, I forgot all about the razor that I sent to him that he offered to hone for me at no charge (and it looks like he polished it too!) that was in the package.

What a beautiful piece of workmanship and I can't wait to try this out tomorrow morning. I took some pictures with the most important one being how it looks in my hand. The pictures, without anything to compare, make this look huge but it fits my hand perfectly.

Thanks, Brian! I can't wait to give this a go and let you know what I think.


I sure hope it lives up to the hype...Lol...

Enjoy it Bob...

Its nice to see photos of it taken by a competent photographer....

I suck at photos...
Awesome, be careful he puts a WICKED edge razors.
Yes he does! I read a phrase here somewhere recently that was talking about "wiping the whiskers away" or something to that effect, that's what came to mind when I shaved with one of his edges.
That's a nice razor.


I’m stumped
congratulations to both Bob & Paco.
Bob - #1 Paco Razor good score.
Paco - I am sure it will live up to the hype and are looking forward to seeing more of your work.
I had my first shave this morning and I really enjoyed using this razor.

My setup:
RV butterscotch LE brush
TS Lanolizado cream
Paco Custom
Speick ASB

I was a little irritated, still, from my shave yesterday but didn't want to wait. As an aside, I had a bunch of weird little nicks and when I looked at the blade from my red-striped straight under my new mini-micoscope I saw there was a place on the blade with a half-moon divet missing from the edge. I wonder if that was the culprit...

Anyway, the Kamisori is very sharp but I found that made my shave easier and more pleasant. I'm still working on stretching and angles and how to hold a straight but I find that this style of razor is a little easier for me to handle. I'm always thrown off by the scales and how to hold a regular straight so that the tang fits my fingers and such which is not a concern with this Kamisori.

Overall, a DFS and I even have spots of BBS on my face so I'm making steady progress in straight shaving. Owning a Paco Custom is just another part of making it an even better experience!

The razor has a good heft to it, the handle is well wrapped and felt comfortable in my group. The look and feel of this razor conveys craftsmanship and attention to detail. I'm really glad that my first custom razor purchase was this one.
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Don't be fooled people. Brian makes really great folders too. He just won't admit it... His Tiny Giant™ chopper that I scaled shaves like a dream too...
Awesome, be careful he puts a WICKED edge razors.
+1 Brian has been kind enough to hone a couple blades for me at no charge as well as I am just starting out. He puts a great edge on a blade and I am jealous of your acquisition. That is one cool looking razor. Congrats!
Beautiful looking piece and its always cool to see custom razor's from members! I'd hold on to that razor forever (unless you want to sell it to me in the future ;).
Sweet! Pacco - you Have to stamp those things with your mark!! When would you do that - before the oven I guess? Anyway, are you going to do a logo, or write your name on them lol?
Sweet! Pacco - you Have to stamp those things with your mark!! When would you do that - before the oven I guess? Anyway, are you going to do a logo, or write your name on them lol?
i need some ideas for a brand name... something i can stamp on there without being all huge and douchey looking.... something simple... maybe just a big "P"..... or "Paco"... or "MRW" *(miami razor works).......

help a brother out here...
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