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I have one vintage Ed. Pinaud glass aftershave bottle that is square in cross section. An educated guess is that it dates from before 1920 since the glass on the top is not threaded. It does come with the original metal cap that snaps down on top (not pictured) but is no longer functional. There is slight discoloring on the interior which you can see in the pictures - this is normal for vintage bottles of this age. Let the pictures be your guide. With product inside, any staining will nearly disappear. The slight curvature of the face of the glass (by the label) makes for a very secure grip in the hand. This convenient recessed portion can be seen in the second picture.

The empty bottle holds eight fluid ounces. One of our Captain's Choice aftershave bottles (pictured) holds four ounces. The empty bottle comes with a cork to seal the contents. You are buying two of our aftershave bottles and the (empty) vintage bottle with cork. Once it arrives you dispense the two, four ounce bottles into the vintage bottle and top it off with the cork. Done!

You may choose any of our aftershaves, the bay rum sticker is only so you can visualize the impact that a vintage bottle can have. Choose from among Bay Rum, Cat O' Nine Tails, Lime, North, Sandalwood, and Venture aftershaves. The correct label will be affixed to the vintage bottle for you. Our aftershaves are $17.95 per bottle in our store. Total will be $53.00 plus $8.95 shipping, CONUS only please. To purchase, send a PM with your email address and we will invoice you for it.

This is being shown only here for a few days before we post it on our Facebook if it is still available. Own an authentic piece of aftershave history and enjoy seeing it every day!

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