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One Year B&B Anniversary PIF- Thanks to B&B!

My one year anniversary is approaching of when I joined this fine forum of B&B. I've participated in just about every type of thread except The Nib, and that's only because my handwriting is just terrible- Like a 4 year old. So I have yet to invest in a good pen. Otherwise, I've actively been a participant in most of the other forums. I'm doing this as a big Thank You to everyone for all their support, their words of wisdom, for their giving of expert advice and for their gentlemanly friendship and camaraderie. I enjoy reading these forums on a daily basis. It's a fantastic forum that's run by wonderful people who give of their time and offer such great advice. So, THANKS! to everyone affiliated with B&B.

Cheers to each of you!!

My 1 year anniversary technically is 2-22-2014. But I did start lurking earlier, so I figured I'd start this PIF early. Additionally, I'm having knee surgery soon and it will likely overlap with my anniversary.

So here it is- all one must do to enter is just state- I'm in. This will earn you one entry. Please only post once to the thread, to be fair. This PIF is open to all B&B members, but shipping is CONUS only. Let me also add, for every badge you have on your name, this earns you an additional entry. (Contributor, Veteran, Etc). If by chance you are going to be deployed when I ship this out, I'll ship to wherever you'd like within CONUS. As you will see, there are alcohol based aftershaves, so I must keep this CONUS only. Sorry to the international folks, but I want this great PIF to all go to one B&B'er.

My SWMBO will choose the winning entry via random number generator on Saturday, February 1 at 10:00 PM EST and I'll PM the winner and post to the thread.

Here's the contents:


A small amount of Captain's Cat O' Nine Tails After shave(10%)
Semogue 1305 Boar brush- lathered maybe 8 times
Clubman VIBR- 95% full
(2)- Geo Trumper Extract of Limes Skin Food- small sample size both 95-100% full
(2)- Geo Trumper Sandalwood Skin Food- small sample size both 95-100% full
Geo Trumper Coral Skin Food- small sample size 95-100% full
Sample size of Geo Trumper Euo de Quinine
Sample of Geo Trumper Curzon Cologne
(Not pictured) A tub of Geo Trumper Lime Shaving Cream- 90% full


(2) -1 oz bottles of Masters Bay Rum
Unused bar of Wm Neumann & Co Soap- Juniper Berry
Sample of AOS After Shave Lotion- Ocean Kelp
AOS 1.5 oz shaving cream- Unscented- 50%
AOS 1.0 oz After Shave Balm Unscented- 80%
AOS 1.0 oz Pre-Shave oil Unscented- 50-60%
Barclay Crocker Bay Rum After Shave Balm- unused
(2) Barclay Crocker HBG Bay Rum Talc
(6) Small Vials- Barclay Crocker Various Bay Run Samples


Mugso Oak Moss Shave Cream 100ml Tube 75%
Ebarbershop Menthol Aftershave Sample size
Ebarbershop Cleansing Wipe for men
4-pack of various samples from Jack Black


(2) - packs Gillette 7 O Clock Black Blades
(2) - packs Gillette Silver Blues
Various samples from Wm Neumann- Aftershaves
~75 Personna Super Platinum Blades
Vanta RA 111- Takes full DE blade
User Grade Gillette Tech
User Grade Gillette Slim
Note- Both razors need a bit of cleaning up, but I've shaved with each one. They do,operate correctly.


Well, That's all folks. Winner chosen Saturday at 10:00 EST. Good luck!!

Thank You to all of B&B for a superb 1st year anniversary and look forward to many more years enjoying this great forum.


Firstly, congratulations. It's only been about half a year for me and I love B&B this much. 1 year must be that much better ;)

Secondly, thank you for hosting the Lord of the PIFs

Lastly, I have a conus address and would like to say I'm in.

Thank you so much.
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