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On vacation without a razor. Suggestions?

I'm on vacation and forgot to bring a razor. I haven't used a non de razor since starting wet shaving. Wife is hating the stubble. Is there a next best thing to wet shaving in a pinch?
If you subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can order a razor and pack of blades and have it shipped 2-day for free (the shipping, not the razor :wink2:). Alternatively, you could pay almost any etailer for expedited shipping (ouch). If you (or your wife) desperately need you to be clean shaven before it arrives, I would stop at the front desk and explain the situation --- many hotels supply stuff like disposable razors for free. Otherwise, I would buy a disposable at a local drugstore or supermarket. Either way, I would just grin and bear it for the 2 days, knowing that a real razor was on its way. Do you have the rest of your shaving gear with you, or are you starting from scratch. How long are you going to be away, and how far are you from civilization?
I've been wet shaving for 9 months. This was my first time flying since I started. My family always does carry on and I was afraid that my razor, etc. wouldn't be allowed on the plane. I guess I can just go out and buy a disposable and a can of cream. But after wet shaving, the thought makes me cringe! We're in Florida for a week visiting mom.
I'm afraid that a disposable razor and canned goo are your best option. Now that you've been using a DE and real soap or cream for 9 months, you'll have a good reminder of how poor modern shave technology is.
Most chain drugstores and some chain supermarkets carry Van der Hagen brush/soap/mug kits pretty inexpensively. Or you could decide it's time to build a travel shave kit that you will use a long time and order stuff you really want on line from an etailer with fast shipping. For the razor, you could go the disposable route :w00t: or include a razor with an on line order. If you try to find an Art of Shaving or similar store nearby, you will pay dearly, but that's another option. You could also look for nearby flea markets or antiques stores to try to score a vintage razor, but that will still leave you with the problem of probably being unable to buy decent blades for it locally.

BTW, you can carry all of your wet shaving gear onto the plane EXCEPT blades (unless you are carrying a large tube of cream or tub of soap more than 3.4 oz or 100 ml, in which case those have to be checked).

Another option is to find a local barber or shaving shop and treat yourself to a professional shave when you need one... Hope all of this helps.
I never would have thought of a barber shop. I love the idea of getting a professional shave!
I don't like ot but you can get by ok for a few days with one of the better disposable razors. The BIC Metal is a good choice. I have found that because my technique with a DE is dialed in that I can use a disposable and canned cream just fine.


Needs milk and a bidet!
The barbershop seems like a good idea. I'd probably check a few out and see if they offer straight shaves. Being on vacation that would be a good treat to myself.
Other than that is there an Art of Shaving store nearby? you can quickly grab some wet shaving products, including a razor hopefully.
If no luck with either of those two disposable is what's left. Barbasol is a good canned foam. In a pinch disposables aren't that bad
Is there a next best thing to wet shaving in a pinch?
As with any topic, best can vary from person to person. For carry on only travel (very rare) I use GII carts which are basically the Trac II. If I forgot a razor entirely I'd find a Trac II razor or equivalent. If you have to used canned stuff Barbasol isn't too bad.
Get Schick Hydro 5 Power Select + Hydro Gel from a Supermarket or a chemist (drugstore)

Excellent Cartridge Razor and for taking on vacation. No fuss, no tugging, no bumps and quick and close shave.
When travelling by plane, I put a Sensor Excel 2 blade cartridge razor and a small can of Gel in my carryon. You can find this anywhere. As mentioned before, a disposable is probably your best bet.
That would be a tough decision. I would probably just buy a cart and some good 'ole Barbosal. My dad lives by it.

If there are any dollar stores around, I'd pick up a disposable razor and a small travel size can of shave goo. I know its not what you're used to shaving with now, but it'll serve you until you get back home. At least it'll take care of that stubble for now. :001_rolle :thumbup1:
Bic Metal disposables 5 pack at a drugstore for $2...they also have a sensitive version, but I forget what they're called. They are single edge 1 piece.
As with any topic, best can vary from person to person. For carry on only travel (very rare) I use GII carts which are basically the Trac II. If I forgot a razor entirely I'd find a Trac II razor or equivalent. If you have to used canned stuff Barbasol isn't too bad.

Takeshi is spot on. Barbasol is not that bad.

Here are some more options.

Some Walmarts and other drug stores carry the VDH Premium Shave Set (about $10). This comes with a small bowl, boar brush and a puck of VDH Deluxe shave soap. Others carry the $30 ish shave set with badger brush, stand, apothecary mug and a puck of VDH Luxury Shave soap. Both of these are skin friendly.

Some Walmarts carry Cremo Creme. It is brush less.

Here is how to use it. Prep your face with a wet wash cloth or towel as hot as you can stand. Wet your face and smear some cremo on each cheek, upper lip, chin and on both sides of your neck. I use the left hand fingers to moisten and work the cremo in well. Keep hydrating your left fingers and keep rehydrating your face during the whole shave. Cremo is activated by water and becomes very slick. It is thin so it dries out quickly. Just keep rehydrating. I use the left hand to find the stubble as well as rehydrate. I can get a DFS with Cremo and the Bic Sensitive disposable razors. Cremo is messy but effective. Depending on how many passes you need, you may have to reapply Cremo.

Have fun with what path you take.
If you find yourself in this situation again run to the store and get a package of single blade disposable razors and just use regular bar soap, you can lather it with your hands you don't need a brush. That will get you through the vacation, then keep the disposables for travel I usually pack 1 for every week I will be gone and then add an 1 extra on top of those. Next time though pack a brush, shaving cream or soap, and a disposable razor.
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I sometimes wonder if it is worth it to get a 5-pack of Gillette Guards from overseas/eBay as an emergency backup travel razor . . .
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