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Omega 31064 trouble!

Hey guys, I bought the aforementioned brush and received it about a week ago and have tried to use it twice. I am having problems with the bristles clumping together and I cant get them to bloom for the life of me. Any help?
Shake it well after each use. And then use slight scrubbing/painting motions on a towel. Some people use a blower dryer (not too hot or too close) to help the tips split faster. Don't expect this to bloom like a badger.
I've used mine almost daily since acquiring it about 6 weeks ago and have experienced no such problem. Is this when you are actually trying to build lather?
I have a 31064, 31025 which are well broken in. I think I know what you are talking about. Apparently the bristles stick along the middle hollow. Though I have never had problem with that.I think that is because the spine of the boars is thick and stiff in spite of absorbing the hot water. When I start face lathering however, the split hair ends of the boar know their job well. I usually hold the brush at the bottom of the knot when I face lather.
Trust me that's the best boar brush that money can buy.
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