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Old Schick razor

Hi, I'm getting into wet shaving and found an old (I don't know how old) Schick safety razor in my dad's stuff. the top opens by twisting the bottom of the handle. If I post a picture of it, can someone identify it for me and tell me if it would be a good razor to start out with? Thanks so much!


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We wait with bated breath. You will most certainly receive an answer.


I've often thought that it may be easier to make the switch to wet shaving using an Injector rather than a DE. I have used a DE for decades (I never liked the cartridge thing . . . even when it was only 2 blades!). And long ago (in the 70s maybe) I had an Injector razor, but I had long forgotten all about it.

Recently I picked up an Injector and I've used it a few times. It's so EASY! Much less skill required than a DE. I just found it very intuitive, and for a generation raised on Mach 3, it might be a great place to begin.

A couple of cautionary points:

1) The old Injector you inherited may be great, and it may not. Make sure that it is not damaged in any way, and that it will provide a firm hold on the blade.

2) A disadvantage to the Injector, I think, is that there is much less of a range of quality blades available. True, you can pick up some generic Injector blades at CVS or RiteAid, but it's getting harder to find the Schick originals. And, in general, you don't have the selection of Feather, Personna, Israeil Personna, Gillette Swedish, Gillette American, Derby Extra, Merkur, etc. that is available for the DE.

That said, the Injector is a fine instrument, and very easy to handle. I think it's kind of like learning to drive on an automatic rather than a stick shift!

Anyway, whatever razor you choose, good luck with wet shaving.

- David


It's not your inexperience, it's my failure to read your original posting carefully enough!!

An Injector razor is different from a DE. It is not a multi-blade cartride (though it looks something like one), i.e. it still has only one blade. But rather than having two edges, and a blade that you drop into the top, it has a smaller blade that is extruded from a blade dispenser directly into the razor head from the side. Hence, "Injector."

But, in re-reading your post, you speak of unscrewing from the bottom and apparently silo doors opening at the top. This sounds like a traditional DE razor, not an Injector. My mistake.

I failed to read the details of your posting carefully enough. I had never heard of Schick making a DE, so as soon as I saw "Schick" I immediately jumped to the (erroneous) association of "Injector."

Sorry to have posted an irrelevant response (although you still might want to think about picking an Injector up on ebay . . . where, incidentally you can easily seem some photos of them at least to see what I was describing.)

Again, my apologies.

-- David
haha how interesting,, maybe this Schick DE is worth some $$ ;)
I'll post a picture of it soon.. It's kinda old and decripid looking though..


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David makes some great points. Personally, I entered this hobby *** backwards- started with a straight (Oh, what a tough guy I was. One tough, bloody sob.), then went to a DE, then finally an injector. A complete opposite path would have made much more sense.

The injectors are fun, and the easiest things to shave with. The straights demand discipline and skill, but are very rewarding. The DE's, many would argue, offer the best of both worlds- world class shaves without the extensive learning curve and paraphernalia required of straight razor shaving.
I think it's a Krona too based on what I've seen Krona's look like.
Question - It's pretty old and decrepid looking. Is there a way to clean it and make it like new again? Also, is this a good razor to start out with?
It's a Schick Krona; I have one that I bought in a lot sale. Mine says Schick Korna right on the top. Take a old tooth brush and scrub it with dish soap. Some guy boilt them for about 10 minute water with a little vinegar, the acid in the vinegar disolve the mineral deposits. Becareful the plating on most razors in pretty thin.
I haven't got around to using mine but it should be okay.
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