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Old but new guy looking for WTB recommendation

Griffith Shaving Goods is an excellent choice for a SR. And the good news is that in general 5/8 is less expensive than 6/8 is less expensive than 7/8. I would not go narrower than 5/8 for your first razor. Narrower than 5/8 is more difficult for someone new to keep flat on a hone.

Stirling Soap samples are an excellent choice. Rod at Stirling sells generous samples at a fair price.

I like Semogue brushes. A Semogues boar brush is an excellent brush for not a whole lot of money. I have lately been using a Semogue Torga C5 boar and loving it. Brush bristles/hair and size are very subjective

A Tony Miller Heirloom Razor Strop value strop is a great choice.
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