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Ode To the Pro 49

Admittedly, I'm a boar kind of guy, but generally I use Semogues- SOC, 1305, 1250 and 1460. Sometimes an Omega 31064.

For the past week I've been using my long neglected Omega Pro 49s. They're not especially lovely, but they sure do have their attributes: Great backbone, flowthrough, and incredibly soft tips. They're rugged- you can drop them on a tile floor with no damage, and they feel as good in the hand as my 1305. Nice, functional tools.

Just using the 49, Proraso green bowl, Merkur HD with Feather, I have been getting terrific BBS shaves, every time.

I know that variety is the spice of life, but if I had no other brushes, I could happily made do with these.

At $10 a pop, no less. I'm such a prole...

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+1. It's one of my favorites. I have silvertips and finest badgers, but the 49 stays firmly in the rotation. I need to try semogues someday.

Although Semogues win aesthetically, Omegas provide a bonafide boar experience par excellence: relatively quick break in, soft tips, stiff backbone, etc...
I love my expensive badgers just as much as the next guy, but I could easily put the 49 up against any of them.

And the outcomes would be much closer than most would expect.
The pros are beasts! They have great boar characteristics and a surprising amount of backbone for such a big brush. I love mine. Omega turns out quality products at a great price.