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Oaken twins

Very cool. Good job on the shape duplication. What did you put in the carved lines to make them darker? If you don't mind sharing.
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Same oak but I just put some stain on it. I want to say minwax walnut but would have to go out to the shop and look. Just grabbed a can off the shelf since I was goofing. It just seemed to penetrate better in the cuts. Sorby small texturing tool to make all the spiral work and texture.
How did you get the swirl pattern on the bottom of the handle as well as the star shape? That looks really cool.
I am just using a lathe tool to do it. It is part of my experimentation. It is not exactly random but take some experience to be able to make reproducible results (hence experimenting). Wood is not ideal for it so I am still suffering tear out and losing the pattern but probably just as much user error.
You might get less of the tear out with other types of wood. The handles look really good from what I can see in the pictures though. And I'm not even a big fan of oak most of the time.
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You might get less of the tear out with other types of wood.
This is fact :) I have done this on black walnut and ebony and 100x nicer and no cleanup after. It is best for really tight and straight grain. I’m just messing around. I have always thought though, if you can turn well on soft and poor wood then you will be awesome on hard and good wood, so practice here is helpful. Oak has its place :) These won’t be glued or on the shelf - maybe can find a home but my purpose was to play around. Thanks for all the feedback :)
All turned I promise. I need tools and jigs to do anything right. I have never drawn a straight line in my life nor my signature even the same. Just never had that kind of artistic dexterity sadly. Left handed (really ambi) and dyslexic. Perfect Dr. signature though ;-)
How do you turn a floral pattern? Bottom of right handle.
@stone and strop, here you go. Need good wood, near finished before starting, and some practice. Still, like a Spirograph there is some randomness based on number of teeth, angle, above or below centerline, travel distance etc etc that all define results.

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