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NYC Shaving Shops

I was in NYC two weeks ago along with my brother and B&B member Eldragon. We set out to visit a few of the main Shaving spots in New York City. We found most of the locations from B&B including Pasteur’s Pharmacy (Both locations), The Art of Shaving (59st) and Cambridge Chemist (Lexington Ave). All of the stores were great in their own way. My brother and I walked into Cambridge Chemist and proceeded to look around; the owner (Scott) Immediately asked if we needed help. We explained that we found his location through Badger and Blade. He was very helpful and gave us a 10% discount as members B&B. Scott did not have the Razor in stock so he offered to ship it to us in Florida free of charge. I would recommend if you are in NYC stop by Cambridge Chemist.
We have B&B field trips now? :w00t:

Thanks for the tip. I may be taking my wife to NYC soon and if I see any shaving shops, I'll mention B&B. :biggrin:
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