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Nothing Like a Little Surprise...

So I came home from running around to complete the "honey do" list to find that the wife had a surprise for me!

She was shopping and thought I needed a way to keep things neat and on display in the "shave den" and picked these boxes up at Pier One.


It doesn't hold everything, but the essentials for the day are at hand!

I may have duplicates of a lot of things... but even I am not crazy enough to have two scuttles in the same style and colour!

Took the new organization out for the first shave of the year this morning... Some Prorasso cream kept nice and warm in the scuttle... applied with a Kent BK8, and then shaved off with with a Gillette Slim and a Feather... all topped off with a splash of Polar Ice.

Now off to the kitchen to do esoteric things with ground meats and chillies!

2011 sure is starting off well! All the best to everyone for the new year.

What did they call those. I went into a local Pier One and described them and nothing. Tried the internet site, same result.

I'm thinking I may have to clean up the workshop and make some.
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