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Non shaving day depression.

Get a RazoRock SLOC.
It's so gentle and mild to your face that it may transform your routines.
At least it did for me
I have some members that know my shaving style and others would have no clue what I’m doing. We have 4 separate bath/shower rooms so no one watch's me go through my routine. I did have to make some trades to be able to attend the Maggard Meetup so it was interesting telling people I need time off for shaving. I got lots of puzzled looks
I need to, finally, take a drive out to Maggard’s.
I will most likely attend again as longer as all of my schedules will allow it. Wish I knew about the other meet up as I would have enjoyed that as well.
I had a 3 day shave hiatus, until today. I slept in on my alarm for 3 days and not enough time to do things right. But today was a new day and a good shave. Still need to modify my travel kit with a few more soap and AS additions but for the most part I think my travel kit is on lock.
I hate non-shaving days--they *are* depressing.

I've gotten around it by just shaving my neck on my off-days (which are to prevent irritation on my cheeks). My beard grows fast enough that shaving every day is warranted. The way I look at it:

--Scruff with a clean neck = stylish rogue
--Scruff with an unshaven neck = slept rough last night.

I know which option I prefer!
I have 2 razors that are used depending on my location. When I am home I use my Parker Variant but when I am on shift at the fire station I use my handle converted Merkur 23C. I love having my time in the morning no matter were I am at to get in a 1-3 pass shave depending on my time. I shaved on Sunday with the Parker at home on setting 2, everything was great. I got up this morning to conduct my normal routine but I didn't have enough stubble to feel a shave would do any good. It really through me off my daily routine. I didn't get to indulge in my tobacco scented soaps and AS which I can get a whiff of throughout my day. I really feel depressed about not shaving but didn't think my growth warranted it. I am not sure if using the parker on setting 2 along and or a very slow facial hair growth caused my issues this morning. I unfortunately didn't inherit my dad's facial hair growth. If he skipped shaving for 2 weeks he looked like Grizzly Adams.

Just my rant/vent of the day.
I have had days of minimal growth but still threw on some shave soap and did a one pass shave for fun. You could always do that, then you get the experience and the scents of the day :)
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