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No Mas!

I received my latest brush a couple of days ago, the Savile Row 2136 silvertip from Charles at QED. Very nice brush... will comment more later.

I do believe I'm done buying brushes...my wife no longer believes me when I say this. Here's a picture of my modest collection. It's no Dr. P collection but I love the rotation of my brushes just as much as my creams/soaps/razors.

Left to right:

Vulfix super badger travel
Edwin Jagger for C&E best badger
Shavemac silvertip
Edwin Jagger for C&E super badger
Savile Row 231 super badger
Vulfix 2235 super badger
Savile Row 2136 silvertip
Truefitt & Hill turnback super badger

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving!


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Very nice, Jerry!

I only have three Savile Rows. Just got in my 3326 silvertip from Charles on Wednesday. Will post a review on it in about a week or so.

From the pictures, one can easily the differences between a silvertip and the others. Good comparison photo.

I see you stayed with the "ivory" motif.

Plano TX South of the Red River
My Goodness Jerry! You're never supposed to put them all together in one place! That way SWMBO gets to count them, others begin to suspect, and, well you know what I mean..:scared:
Lovely collection, but you have to tell SWMBO that you were brush sitting for 2 or 3 friends. :ihih:
Obviously the old, "I need several so that they can dry fully between use" ruse has failed?
roughrider said:
Very nice collection Jerry. Do you have one that you feel is above the rest?


I'm not sure I do. While they have different feels and characterisitics, I'd be hard pressed to pick just one. Some are softer to the old visage than others and tend to be more "mop like" as some describe such as the Vulfix and the large E.Jagger. Others like the Shavemac, and Savile Row silvertips have more vertical strength but still have a nice soft feel. I've only used the new SR silvertip once so I don't have a lot of experience with it yet. I do alter they way I used them based on each brushes particular traits.

Oddly, the Savile Row 231 seems to be to be a cross between the two. It has nice vertical strength, not as much as the two silvertips but more than the Vulfix and E Jagger.

The small best E. Jagger is a nice little brush but if I could only have one brush, it would be a larger than this brush.

Variety, variety, variety! It's what makes the shaving world go round!

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