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No. 9 Shave and the Dastardly Bumple That Thwarts My Desires

Hi. I'm brand new here.

Had wet shave No. 9 this morning (John Lennon: "number nine, number nine..."), and I feel like I'm starting to dial in on what I want. I'm after a comfortable shave, not necessarily a close one. A DFS rather than a BBS. (I don't tend to chase ultimates/extremes in my shopping, possessions, or activities. That way lies exhaustion for me, if not frustration. Although it can be diverting and entertaining.)

I'm a Northern European WASP by heritage and have a softer, silkier beard and sensitive skin. So, all my life I've disliked shaving because it's painful and leaves me feeling raw. I started off shaving when I was a kid with the Gillette Trac II, which was new on the market at the time, and over the next 50 years have alternated between multi-blade carts, electric razors, and beards, without ever being happy with any of the three. Also, I have a little bump on my jawline that I commonly slice open when I shave. The DBTTMD of the thread title.

So what I'm after is a comfortable shave that makes my face feel good.

This morning I used Shave Secret (? I think that's the name) pre-shave oil for the first time, and I bought some Nivea aftershave balm yesterday.

It went GREAT.

So here are the details...

Hot shower
4 drops shave oil
Little dab of Pacific Shaving Co. Natural Shaving Cream in a bowl, whipped up with a brush
1965 Gillette Tech with Astra blade
First pass WTG, avoiding the bumple
Second pass XTG on my face and ATG on my neck and mustache area (which tends to grow a little thicker), and then ONE gentle stroke over the bumple, in the direction I've learned tends to provoke it the least
Cold water rinse, dry, and then a small amount of Nivea

Felt good, looks good, and none of either that raw soreness or dry tightness that usually follows a shave. I actually think a sharper blade might work a little better. But I couldn't feel the razor working, I didn't get the sense that I could get a nick, and overall it was very easy and mild! Fantastic.

I'm gettin' there....

Funny what a small amount you need of everything. Four drops of the oil covered my whole lower face. Just a squirt of the Pacific Natural made a whole bowl of lather. And an amount of the Nivea the size of a medium blueberry worked just fine.

I'm really liking all this. It's a complete revelation that I might actually enjoy shaving...I never have before.

Welcome aboard!

Congratulations on your progress!! Stick with this and you will get the results you want. :thumbup1::thumbup1::thumbup1:
This is a most enjoyable pastime. Congratulations on the progress you’ve already made! Welcome to B & B, & thank you for sharing your story.
Yep, the "secret" to safely shaving over "bumples" or other facial features (blemishes, scars, noses...😄) is to tread lightly.

I shave my head and have a tiny bump at the base of my skull in the back (not noticeable to anyone but me and my razor) and it is just enough to catch my razor if I forget about it.

Anyway, be safe, have fun...and welcome. 🙂


(Late) Welcome!

One thing I really enjoy about shaving is that it trends towards each shave being better than the last (allowing room for occasional hiccups along the way of course...)
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