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Newbies needs opinions

Hi all,

Second post here, I love the forum!

I'm in search of my first straight and I think I have it narrowed down to a few new Dovo's (since I can't seem to find a used razor within my requirments).

Here are the 3 Dovo's I have been looking at:
-> Bismarck
-> Astrale
-> Ebony

It's quite odd, when I look at the Astrale and Ebony straights, they appear to be the same blades, perhaps they just come with different scales?

I'd love to hear opinions on these straights, both good and bad.

Or if anyone knows of a place with a decent selection of vintage/used razors chime in! I'm trying to find a shave ready vintage blade that is 6/8, rounded point, half ground.

Welcome! Always check the BST. There are always nice newer and vintage razors there. As for half hollow, I am fairly certain that your Dovo's miss the mark on that requirement. You'd have to look at Harts or vintage razors I believe.
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Blue 2 - I saw that one, I was wondering if the quality is any good for that price.

Thanks for the kind words all.
I suppose I need to keep checking BST from time to time. I'm just super anxious!
The B/S/T is certainly a good way to go. If you are looking for a new razor check out the Dovos on sale at Vintageblades. I own the Dovo Blackstar and two Dovo stainless blades and like them all. You can also check out the monthly specials at Straightrazordesigns. You can also check out Bobsrazors as he usually has some nicely restored shavers. I have dealt with all of these and the razors from each will be shave-ready.

You can check out the vendor corner as there are several vendors who carry straights at good prices.
Thanks! I ended up going with the Dovo Black Bismarck. I've heard good and bad about it but we'll see how it goes. I know it's full hollow but ah well, I'll learn...

Thanks everyone!
That will be a good choice. Just take your time and realize the transition to using a straight comes with a learning curve. Keep us updated on your progress and with any questions you may have.
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