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Newbie check-in from Michigan

Hi gents!

Newly registered after reading/absorbing for a few months. I’ve been a wet shaver all my life, most of which was a cartridge/Foamy endeavor with the prime directive being to get it over with as quickly as possible. Upon turning 59 last January (and consequently the spectre of “60” looming) I decided it was high time to turn this daily activity into something that I could look forward to. Getting up in the morning was becoming an ever more slow process including dreading the inevitable shave. It finally occurred to me that my problem wasn’t shaving, my problem was my attitude. Today I’m happy to report that I jump out of bed in anticipation of 10-20 minutes of time with badger and blade (literally, not just the website).

I’m still have a good bit of acquisition disorder, somewhat bolstered by the idea of building inventory for retirement in 3-5 years. My current rotation includes a Parker 11R oxhorn, 1962 Gillette Slim (refurbed/replated), a Tatara Masamune with both closed and open comb baseplates, an Edwin Jagger 3one6 and very recently, the “Sledgehammer”. I’ve been a touch more circumspect with brushes - wielding a Parker Silvertip with olive wood handle, an Edwin Jagger Silvertip #2 or a Thater 4292 Silvertip with faux horn handle. But man, lately I’ve had my eye on this Simpson PJ2 Super….

I could go on forever, but just had a buddy call who wants to go catch some fish. So I’ll just say a big thanks to those who contribute to this forum - I’ve learned a ton, and hope to start “giving back” a little by participating!



"Self appointed king of Arkoland"
I just noticed how MANY of us are from this strange place called Michigan! Go GREEN all you Spartan fans, and those that wish you had Mel Tucker and Tom Izzo as coaches!

AND we could teach YOU ALL the proper way to build a bonfire using ONLY couches and cow dung!

Welcome to Badger and Blade @Jeffish !
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