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Newbie asking advice: What's next?

So, about 6 months into the whole DE razor world. I did a lot of research and got an Edwin Jagger DE89 where I'm alternating Feather and Polsilver blades. Crumpers shaving soap and some (amazon) brush. Very pleased with all this, and the Polsilvers seem slightly better (for me) than the Feathers, almost as sharp and definitely milder.

So, the question: What's next? Does it get much better than this? The main change I've noticed is my technique has improved, from lots of little nicks to basically none. If I get a 2nd razor, what are the suggestions? Blades? Is Voshkod really teflon coated, or is it like the "iridium" in the Polsilvers :) ?
Sure, you've taken your lumps and you're ready to try something new. I'd suggest a new razor, what type of budget are you looking at? If you don't mind paying about double what you paid for that EJ the Weber would be a great option for you. It's a little more aggressive than the EJ and it's all stainless. You might want to snag a vintage adjustable razor as well. A gillette fatboy, slim, or black beauty would be great as it gives you the ability to turn the aggressiveness up or down as you see fit.
My first was exactly the same as yours. A month later I bought an Ikon 5 Set because I wanted to be able to have and experiment and use different razor designs. The Ikon 5 Set has the safety bar, the open comb and and a base plate with a combination of both types in one. I find myself using that one the most. If you don't want to spend that much I imagine the EJ open comb razor would be a good second.

Others may suggest a Fatboy or a Slim....both vintage Gillete razors.

I bought a sample pack of blades and of the ones I tried I liked the Personna in the red package and the Polsilvers. I'd like to try the Personna Blues.
After the DE89, you have the world of vintage Gillettes to look forward too, especially in my case the New/Old Type open combs :001_cool:
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