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Hey, all -

Landed here after a kind soul on Mastodon pointed me in this direction. Just ordered some wet shaving stuff (Merkur 34C) and am waiting for it to get here. I spent a couple months shaving with a straight razor like 25 years ago (I was very pretentious about it) and have basically been a cartridge guy since then. I've been shaving my head for a very long time and am a little worried about tackling it with a DE safety razor but looking forward to the ride!
Welcome aboard, @TimmyMac!

I started shaving my head in the last few months. Progressed from cartridge to Leaf razor to now using vintage Gillette Techs. They are mild razors that give a similar result to the Merkur 34C (IMO). I'm starting to get real good results. It took some time to develop my technique, to include shaving with my non-dominant left hand.

Take your time and you can do it! Enjoy the journey!!!
Hi Folks!

I am almost 50 now and for most of my life, I have used a Gillette Mach 3 cartridge razor.
For all those years, it has been a love/hate relationship! I love how fast the shaves are but I hate that it is not smooth and the cartridge lasts 2 or 3 shaves.

I was browsing Reddit a while back and found the Wicked Edge group, a gathering of like minded Double Edge Safety Razor geeks!
They guided me to my first proper DE razor and I picked up the Rockwell 6C in Gun Metal.
It's a beautiful razor with very nice finishing. I love the swappable plates for various degrees of aggressiveness of the shave.
It's quick and easy to swap plates mid shave as well.

I had my first shave with it last night and it was pretty amazing!
Not a single nick or cut but the alum stick afterwards was a spicy adventure on my face!
Face is nice and smooth but still a few areas that are slightly rough still. A lot more practice is required with my technique!

Looking forward to participating and learning as much as I can!!
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