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New to site and my only razor as of now

Hi, I am brand new to this forum and thinking about getting into collecting razors. I bought this razor about a 10 years ago at a flea market, and use sometimes when I shave. I never really thought much about it other then it was old looking.
I decided to get some new blades for it today and was looking online for a better deal on them then what I can get in town here.Thats when I decided to see what I can find out about it. I ran across this forum and figured this would be the best place to find out.
Only thing I could find out about it was a 1916 date, any other help would be grate. Here are a few photos.

A couple of questions I have is that the correct date? number D283170
Is this the right case for the razor although it is a bit beat up, and missing parts .
And anything you guys know about it and willing to share would be grate.


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Your razor is an old Gillette Single Ring. You can look in the ShaveWiki under Gillette Date codes, and that will tell you when it was made. These sets usually have two blade cases that fit into the box, one on each side of the razor. These sets are well regarded by all who have shaved with one. I have 5 of them and they are among my favorite razor sets. Modern blades do work well in them too. Enjoy that old Gillette sir, and enjoy your time here at the Badger and Blade.
Welcome, that sure is a nice single ring razor you have there. It is silver plated and has some nice-looking black tarnish. If you'd rather have it be bright silver there is a tarnish removal process documented on B&B using hot water, tin foil, and baking soda that will shine that razor up. But I like the black look personally.Welcome to B&B!
Great and unusual find for a first flea-market or antique-store razor!

The single ring is one of a group of razors generally called the "Old Type." The Old Type was the first Gillette DE razor ever made. Old Type razors are not particularly rare, but most of them have a thinner handle with a ball on the end; the vast majority of those handles have cracks in them.

The larger, fatter handled Old Types came in several varieties. The single ring you found, the so-called double ring, and the Big Boy and Big Fellow (other historians will probably set me straight here). The double ring is one of the most sought-after razors by collectors; it looks just like your razor except that just below the head there are two "rings" (circular areas of bulging). As far as I know, the single ring and the double ring shave the same; the double ring is preferred by collectors because of its rarity.

As far as the shave is concerned, the Old Types are generally regarded as fairly aggressive relative to later razors. When putting a blade in, watch the alignment carefully to make sure the edge is straight and has about equal exposure on both sides (there is a bit of play and it is easy to load the blade incorrectly). Use a nice light touch and the razor will give you an excellent shave.
Welcome, Punter. As others have said, what you've got there is what we now call a Gillette Single Ring. That's a nickname that didn't come from Gillette originally (back then it was just "the Gillette"), and the "ring" there refers to the little rounded shoulder where the neck meets the handle. The older Double Ring had two where the Single Ring, appropriately enough, has one.

The set you have there was Gillette's No. 460 Standard Set and would have originally come with two blade cases that would have sat in those slots above and below the razor.

This is all very good stuff guys and thanks. I hope to buy another one or two :001_smile in this style at some point.
Hopefully I'll be able to find one that is complete and a fair price. As for this one I'll just keep using it and maybe give it to one of the kids when they get old enough.
Nice start!

That's my favorite razor right there, and yours is in great condition. As far as blades go, I like Astra's, but find Sharks also are a good blade for this razor. Usually run about $12 for a hundred blades online.
Great start! They are really good shavers, aggressive but very good :)

As mentioned before, the baking soda/foil method will take the tarnish off and a dab of metal polish and it'll be blindingly good :)
The only thing I'd try and add to the stellar info already give here is that I don't recall there being a Single Ring case that has red lining to it, so I'm not sure that is the original case you have. Most of the SR cases I've seen are mostly purple, like the one below. It looks more like an Aristocrat case, maybe?

Gillette did make full-on red Standard Sets like the one below that Ace McCool posted recently, but Punter's doesn't really look like that to me. It could just be wonky white balance and lighting making it look more red than it really is.

Gillette did make full-on red Standard Sets like the one below that Ace McCool posted recently, but Punter's doesn't really look like that to me. It could just be wonky white balance and lighting making it look more red than it really is.


I think it may have been the lighting because the case does look like the darker red in your photo. All the cases I seen online where purple or blue and I couldn't find red which made me wonder about my case. The blades I ordered yesterday are Gillette Sword 100 for around $13.00.
Well first off that is a heck of a nice razor for your only one and I want it. lol
I Have one and it has become my favorite shaver.
Mine came in the wrong case and I did not care as the razor was mint.
I think it needs a wood box with purple and older style script, but what do I know Im just a dummy from Oklahoma.
Awesome first razor you will cherish for years.
Thanks for all your help guys. I was thinking of buying my second razor today. I was looking at a site close to my house and found this set for$45.00 would this be a good by or on the high side? I haven't seen it in person, it states it comes with aftershave bottle, tie clip, hankie, razor, soap, and razor box. Here is a few photos.
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I really appreciate your guys help and I don't want to make a bad buy without checking with people who may know.
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