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New to DE shaving...and I'm Hooked.

First shave with the Tech. Smooth, easy to handle, no drama. But not as close as I had been getting with the Wilkinson Sword Drug store all metal TTO... Not sure if thats because the Tech needs a third pass or not. I'm still doing two passes WTG and XTG. I can only feel stubble if I run my hands ATG. otherwise it feels smooth. I think that means its a DFS... :)

This is what I do. If I go ATG I either get bumps, itchiness or when my stubble grows back it becomes irritated if I rub my face. I’m more than happy with a SAS/DFS with feeling some stubble than bumps or irritation.

I went from a 34C and a DE89 (I no longer have them) to a Tech and have settled on it and Super Speeds. I highly recommend a Super Speed. I think I like them just a little bit more.
:) Thank you for the input, I moved my progress to the journals section here. I have found that I am leaning to more "efficient" razors, and that I prefer a reasonable amount of blade feel. Also that I am currently leaning to more rigidly clamped blades as I feel it makes the shave smoother with less pulling. I am shaving in the shower, by feel, with a much wetter almost runny lather per @AimlessWanderer 's guide as way to have a much better sense of what is going on with the whiskers, blade and skin.
I started with a cheap Van Der Hagen from the grocery store. It wasn't nearly aggressive enough for me. Then, I bought the Merkur 34c from Amazon for $50. Game changer. I've also discovered that my face, neck, and upper back respond a whole lot better to Japanese stainless steel blades. Feather, Facon, and Shaving Revolution blades get me the closest shaves with little to no irritation. Also, I found that a hot towel after the shave opens up the pores and allows the Nivea balm I use to soak in a lot better, leaving me feeling barber shop fresh every time I shave. Then about 30 minutes later, I'll put on an aftershave.
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