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New Square Cut End Traditional Strops

Tony Miller

Speaking of horse butts…
Just added a Traditional style strops with square cut ends. I don't always get hides that allow me to cut these longer sizes but I have a variety of options on hand right now.

I have my Premium Steerhide, firm and a light, fast draw, Horween Veg Tanned Horsehide with a slightly brushed, velvety finish with a light/medium draw and my new European Bridle with a firm surface and a medium draw. These are paired with a firm, fine weave cotton which is unfortunately the only cloth option available in a 2 1/2" width now. Nice cloth but not my favorite Genuine Flax Linen.

I do have a single Roughout Horsehide on hand so please message me if you want that one as it is not listed since there is only one of them.

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